May 11, 2021

Could Improving Your Admissions Process Help You Gain the Best Candidates?

Julia Valentine

Julia Valentine

Could Improving Your Admissions Process Help You Gain the Best Candidates?

The University Student Recruitment and Admissions process is not what it should be. The time-consuming process means that not all students get the best experience when applying for university. According to a recent report by the UCU, 62% of senior leaders felt that the higher education application process is not fit for purpose.

While uncertainty still surrounds the next academic year, the university student recruitment and admissions process remains the same. For many applicants, top predicted grades, strong references, and an excellent personal statement will gain them a conditional offer.

There is a clear divide in whether the current application process is fair. Some reviews show the majority of students felt supported by other sources, rather than the universities themselves.

UCAS has suggested a more radical option: for students to receive “post-qualification offers”. This would keep both students and universities informed. Furthermore, it would lessen the current waiting time between predicted grade offers and receiving final A-Level results.

Whichever way they decide to run admissions, each university must commit to a fair process. There are still however, many students choosing other sources for application information rather than the university they intend to go. Universities simply must improve the relationship between students and the university.

Can technology help?

Over the last few years, we have seen technology in higher education take a giant leap. The implementation of a well-oiled, tech-enabled student admissions process has been key to inviting keen undergrads to universities. Especially now with COVID restrictions, students can no longer necessarily see for themselves which universities provide the best learning facilities. Therefore, students are making decisions based on a technological stance.

Is the university well-connected? Can they deliver what I need online? Do they care enough about me?

Luckily, the admissions process has now been given a makeover. Salesforce’s new product, Admissions Connect, in combination with Education Cloud is transforming the university student recruitment and admissions process, enabling smoother communications between staff and students.

A huge opportunity is arising for universities all around the world with Admissions Connect trialling at the University of Colorado, USA already. The programme promises to build engagement opportunities for future students and families.

Mathew Cox, Senior Director of Enrolment Management from the university says ‘Enhancing our current enrolment efforts in support of our academic mission requires the best technology. We’re excited to partner with to build engagement opportunities for our future students and families, which will more seamlessly support students from initial interest and enrollment to graduation.’

The product offers efficient decisioning with access from anywhere.

Admissions Connect integrates real-time data into the CRM. This will harness predictions and recommendations so you can respond to students in their moment of need.

As an Early Access Partner of Admissions Connect, Credera is on board to improve universities’ connection with students. Universities need a new process to keep students actively impressed with university life. They need to regain students’ interest in the application process.

A simple but effective change

It almost seems such a small change, will it really make a difference?

It will make a difference to every student going through the university student recruitment and admissions process. A fresh take on applications will help your university keep a close eye on your students’ journey.

Students should be easily accessible throughout their application. And universities should stay ahead of the latest technology for a sure way to improve the student journey.

Credera’s Higher Education Lead, Mark Tonkin says, ‘Using Admissions Connect to streamline engagement with students will see more candidates stick with the admissions process through to enrolment. With the added efficiencies the product brings, we predict huge savings for universities in using this.’

Watch our live panel discussion, where we explored the current recruitment and admissions process, and how you can transform the way you engage with applicants throughout their student journey.

Reasons to watch:

  • Hear recruitment and admissions issues that other education institutions are experiencing

  • Learn about’s new product, admissions connect

  • Understand how to drive applicant engagement and streamline admissions management

  • Q&A

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