Sep 06, 2023

From graduate to Technology Business Analyst: Hartej’s one-year Credera story

Hartej Haer

Hartej Haer

From graduate to Technology Business Analyst: Hartej’s one-year Credera story

In September 2022, we welcomed our graduate joiners into Credera's UK offices. One year on from his first day starting with us, we caught up with Hartej Haer to learn more about the journey that led him to become a Technical Business Analyst at Credera.

Hartej Haer

Hartej Haer

Technology Business Analyst

How did you come to be a graduate consultant at Credera? 

After graduating with a Distinction in MSc Data Science and a BSc in Economics from the University of Southampton, I started my professional journey as a Business Intelligence Analyst at the NHS. 

During my tenure there, I was eager to find a role that challenged me more. I recognised a career in consultancy would give me the opportunity to experience a breadth of different roles and projects which would be invaluable to help determine my career trajectory. Of the various job offers that I received, Credera stood out with its boutique feel and specialisation in technology, which aligned perfectly with my values and interests. 

I was also excited by the opportunity to work at a company that had consistently been recognised as a “Great Place To Work” and which was renowned for producing meaningful results for clients.

What attracted you to Credera? 

What most attracted me to Credera was the people. A quote I try to embrace is “Surround yourself with people who have dreams, desire, and ambition; they'll help elevate you and realise your own” - I feel that this has never been more true than at Credera. The company is made up of incredible people who are experts in not only their respective fields, but also in communication. Being in an environment where you are constantly learning, challenging yourself, and growing is truly exciting. For example, in my current project, my managers are two directors with 20+ years of consulting experience. This has given me unparalleled exposure to their insights and ways of working, which would not have been possible elsewhere. 

Furthermore, getting to know your fellow co-workers on a personal level is incredibly enriching and has been made easy with weekly catch ups, monthly meetings, and annual strategy day events - my first one was just two weeks into my graduate training!

What sort of projects have you been involved with?

After working at Credera for one year, I have found that each and every day is different, which I personally find invigorating. 

I have completed two projects at Credera - one for a new insurance firm, and the other for a major UK bank. In my current project, the client current plans involve spending up to £1 billion over the next three years to modernise its IT systems, including moving 20% of its applications to the cloud by 2024. As a Technical Business Analyst, I am responsible for coordinating and synthesising complex data sources to create a portfolio of public cloud projects. Using a visual roadmap as an input, I lead the monthly presentations of the market trend insights to senior client stakeholders to inform key business decisions, improve ways of working, and identify key risks.

What have you learned about the consulting world since starting with Credera?

I have enhanced my ability to elicit, analyse, and model data to determine strategic options and/or improve business outcomes. I have also learned to develop data-led solutions and apply new technologies to solve complex problems whilst relaying ideas in a clear, concise, and effective manner. This has allowed me to help clients make significant and positive impacts within their industries.

During my time at Credera, I have also learned a great deal about the client's industry: where its pain points are, what the trends are, what technological developments are in the pipeline, how market trends are going to affect the industry's future, and, most critically, what the client should do in light of all of this. This has allowed me to pursue my interest of working at the crossroads between business and technology.

What advice would you give future graduates? 

Be curious, find where your natural curiosities lie, and don’t be afraid to ask loads of questions!

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