Dec 13, 2022

From graduate to Analyst: Yash's Credera story

Yash Nag

Yash Nag

From graduate to Analyst: Yash's Credera story

In September 2022, we welcomed our graduate joiners into Credera's UK offices. We caught up with Yash Nag to learn about the journey that led him to become an Analyst at Credera.

Yash Nag

Yash Nag


How did you come to be a graduate consultant at Credera? 

As I progressed from high school to my master's degree, my career goals changed. Originally, my plans included joining the merchant navy, becoming a paramedic, studying in CSI, and eventually entering the tech sector. To explore my interest in tech, I completed my BSc in Computer Science in Mumbai, India before moving on to Loughborough University to complete my MSc in Information Management and Business Technology. During this time, I discovered my knack for problem-solving, learning, making new friends, and networking, and I intuitively knew I wanted to work in consulting. I started submitting applications for tech consultant jobs when I eventually came across Credera on LinkedIn. Of the connections I made through the platform, everyone only had good things to say about the company’s culture and environment. At that point, I made it my mission to join Credera, and I was successful in receiving a job offer before my master's degree came to an end.

How did you find the onboarding and induction process?

The onboarding process was very smooth. I have Kristian and Leah in HR to thank for that, who were always there to answer my queries, organise everything in advance, and guide me at every step. What makes Credera different is that the company truly cherishes its employees – and when I say this, I mean it! The CEO personally welcomed every one of us graduates on our first day of training for the initial session, which was utterly amazing. The sessions and the training that followed in subsequent weeks were really beneficial, and I learned a lot about Credera, consulting, and the business world. Everyone in the firm was so welcoming, and our graduate cohort developed a great connection as we worked together in teams for various group sessions.

What does a typical working day/week look like for you in your new role?

I typically start my day by glancing over my schedule and inbox, and then I lead the daily stand-up call for the team to plan and discuss our future tasks and objectives for the day and the upcoming week. Working with other team members is always a pleasant experience. The rest of my working day will usually involve producing documentation, attending client meetings, and working on internal projects. I also make an effort to seize opportunities for more learning as they arise, depending on my schedule. I genuinely enjoy participating in the several self-managed clubs and societies that Credera has on offer such as Home Cinema and Photography Club, and as well as getting involved in its various social activities. I was also recently a part of Credera’s social value workshop on consulting where we presented to over one hundred year 13 students at a college in Leeds.

What have you learned about the consulting world since starting with Credera?

Every day in consulting is different, and Credera provides its people with the training and resources to stay on top of it. I have always been interested in working at the crossroads of business and technology, and Credera’s MarTech Practice has really helped me to pursue this. Through working with clients, I have learned how these different fields go hand in hand and I am so excited to learn more in the months ahead. I have also discovered that you continue to learn, push yourself, and advance both personally and professionally when you are surrounded by individuals with industry-leading knowledge in a wide range of areas, and everyone in the firm is nice and always eager to help. Through consulting, I have seen how crucial it is to stay connected with friends, co-workers, and your network of contacts across industries, as doing so will only benefit you in the long term. I’ve also found that you learn a lot about yourself and from others through working in the consulting world.

How would you describe your experience so far?

I am incredibly grateful that I made the decision to join Credera as the work culture is unlike any other and you get to experience its people-first value first-hand. Credera offers you the chance to hone your capabilities while collaborating with some of the leading global firms on a multitude of exciting projects. You are given the resources—a sizable training budget, time, and opportunity—to help you to grow professionally and in line with your career objectives and interests. People actively participate in Credera’s self-managed clubs, and there are endless possibilities to get involved in work socials and events. As I have recently relocated to a new city, this has really helped me to make new friends and refer to Credera as my new home.

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