Feb 03, 2023

From graduate to Analyst: Calum's Credera story

Calum Shackley

Calum Shackley

From graduate to Analyst: Calum's Credera story

In September 2022, we welcomed our graduate joiners into Credera's UK offices. We caught up with Calum Shackley to learn about the journey that led him to become an Analyst at Credera.

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Calum Shackley


How did you come to be a graduate consultant at Credera? 

Before joining Credera, I studied at the University of Glasgow doing a Physics degree and went on to do a postgraduate master’s in Data Analytics at the University of Strathclyde. It was during my time at university that I developed a real interest in working with technology and how technical solutions can have a positive impact on businesses. 

I recognised that a career in consulting would give me the opportunity to experience how technology can be utilised in different scenarios to help clients. Whilst researching companies, Credera was recommended to me as a great place to work. After looking through Glassdoor reviews, reading the articles on their website, and seeing the recognition that they had received for their work, Credera really stood out to me as a great place to start my career. The application process itself set Credera apart from other companies I had applied for. During the assessment centre, everyone was very friendly, and I enjoyed the experience significantly more than when I had applied to other firms. 

How did you find the onboarding and induction process?

The onboarding process was made easy with the help of Kristian and Leah from our HR and Recruitment teams, who were always happy to answer questions and resolve any issues that I had. All of the consulting graduates spent just over three weeks in London for an induction and training course, which was a great experience with a good group of graduates who got on well together. It was an extremely welcoming environment for the new starters and everyone I met during this time was very approachable.

What does a typical working day / week look like for you in your role?

Once I completed my training, I moved on to a Business Analyst role for a global automotive client. Within my role, a typical day involves a stand-up with the project leads where we discuss what we have been working on and what we have coming up for the rest of the day.  I then spend the remainder of the day working on client deliverables and in meetings. 

It’s been rewarding to be able to pick up more responsibilities during my time working with clients as I have become more confident in my role within the team. 

Some examples of recent work include creating process flows of current and potential future business processes, gathering requirements, and aiding user acceptance testing for the new platform the business is implementing. 

What’s great about Credera is that we also have the opportunity to focus on internal work and look at how we can better the firm. Outside of my client work, I have been helping to identify ways that we can increase the exposure of our Northern offices.

What have you learned about the consulting world since starting with Credera?

Since being on a client, I have found that consulting work can vary a lot from day to day, which keeps it interesting. I also find being able to deliver high quality work for clients extremely rewarding. It can be challenging at times - especially when starting with a new client to understand the business structure. However, I enjoy the challenge and being able to help provide the best solution possible. I have particularly enjoyed working on a MarTech project to improve and simplify how businesses interact with their customers whilst bettering the overall customer experience. 

How would you describe your experience so far? 

Since being at Credera, I have enjoyed being part of a friendly and welcoming company that is expanding rapidly. The social clubs and events have been a good way to get to know people within the company. Credera offers lots of opportunities to work with exciting clients and it’s been a great place for me to learn. Working here has given me the opportunity to work alongside and learn from knowledgeable and experienced colleagues and I would recommend Credera to anyone who is considering their next career move.

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