Oct 21, 2020

Credera releases a brand-new podcast: Technically Minded

Kyle Taylor

Kyle Taylor

Credera releases a brand-new podcast: Technically Minded

Credera is excited to announce the launch of a brand-new monthly podcast: ‘Technically Minded.’ This podcast, which is available on GoogleiTunesSpotify, and Anchor FM, brings together some of the brightest sparks in technology and transformation consulting to wax lyrical on current trends and challenges facing organisations today.

Why now?

This year has been challenging for individuals and companies alike. We believe that now more than ever we need to come together and collaborate in order to disseminate knowledge into the wider community.

By sharing our people’s insights and experiences, we hope to create an impact that inspires or motivates someone to consider a new perspective or even sparks a conversation that leads to wider change in their organisation.

We also believe that it will benefit our people, who are used to engaging in spontaneous conversation and discussions in an office environment. By allowing them the opportunity to talk freely on a topic, we believe we will strengthen our internal sense of community and encourage new bonds to flourish.

The first episode

In our inaugural podcast, our transformation consultants tackle the elephant in the room: COVID-19. More specifically, they ask: has COVID-19 changed business forever? And is your business ready for the second wave?

Aga Kaczmarek, James Breeze, Chris Hill and Matthew Maguire share their insights into the changes that businesses have been forced to make and what they think successful adaptation looks like. They also discuss how organisations can continue to adjust in a world increasingly shaped by unforeseen external circumstances.

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