Nov 05, 2021

Spotlight on Credera’s Highly Commended MCA award and finalists

Kelly Jackson

Kelly Jackson

Spotlight on Credera’s Highly Commended MCA award and finalists

We are delighted to announce that Credera has won a highly commended award at the 2021 MCA awards.

The MCA awards is one of the most renowned events in the consulting industry, recognising the top contributions that management consultancies and individuals have made to clients and the industry itself.

Credera also secured five finalists in the MCA awards from five different categories: Performance Improvement in the Public Sector, Outstanding Achievement, Exceptional Support and Delivery by a Consultant during COVID-19, Thought Leader Consultant of the Year, and Team Leader Consultant of the Year.

Chris Dean, CEO, said: “I’m very proud of each of our 2021 MCA Awards finalists – it is an impressive achievement to have won a Highly Commended Award and to have five finalists nominated. Credera’s success at the MCA Awards speaks volumes about the talent and dedication of our staff and their ability to create an extraordinary, lasting impact for our clients and community.”

NHSD (Rebranded) UPDATED

Kelly Jackson, MCA Lead, added: “The MCA have excelled in delivering the awards in what has been a challenging year, and the level of competition for the awards has reached an all-time high. I’m absolutely thrilled for each of our finalists and I’m so pleased that their hard work has been recognised by the MCA, our clients, and the consulting industry.” We caught up with members of the NHSD project team and each of our finalists to discover their reactions to the awards:

Performance Improvement in the Public Sector: HSCN   Finalist and Highly Commended Award Graham Hall, Credera’s public sector lead, said: “The HSCN project team from Credera have delivered outstanding work for the NHS over a complex, but highly rewarding, four-year programme. We're really proud of each individual within the HSCN project team, so winning this prestigious Highly Commended award is a true testament to their hard work.’

Doug Howe, project lead, added: ‘It’s an absolute privilege to have represented the HSCN team and not only be shortlisted but receive highly commended recognition from the MCA for the 'Performance Improvement in the Public Sector' award. It was a great experience working alongside our NHS Digital colleagues in delivering a true invest to save programme that had a tangible benefit to the NHS ahead of difficult pandemic times. It’s great that this has been recognised by the MCA."

Louise O’Donovan and Scott Blayney played key roles on this project. We asked them how they felt about the recognition:

“It has been a privilege to work alongside the HSCN team,” Louise said. “I am incredibly proud of what we have managed to achieve and reflect on the positive impacts that our work will have on the NHS both now and for years to come.”

“Being part of a fantastic Credera team in partnership with NHS Digital to deliver one of Europe’s largest and complex network transformation programmes has been an amazing experience,” said Scott. “The team worked extremely hard over the course of four years to make this programme a success and deliver tangible benefits and cost savings to the NHS, so for the team to be recognised and receive this prestigious reward is quite literally the icing on the cake.”

We also asked our other finalists to give their view on being shortlisted for MCA Awards.

Josh Nicholson 2020-12 v0.02

Outstanding Achievement   Finalist: Josh Nicholson  

“The MCA awards ceremony was a fantastic experience and the talent in the room was spectacular. It feels a great achievement to have been shortlisted for the Outstanding Achievement award following my progression at Credera and I would like to pass on my congratulations to the winner of the award.”

James Breeze 2020-12 v1.00

Exceptional Support and Delivery by a Consultant during COVID-19   Finalist: James Breeze 

“Congratulations to the winner of the Exceptional Support and Delivery by a Consultant During COVID-19 award in what was an exceptionally strong MCA awards year. It's great to see our work supporting the performance improvement of the NHS recognised with a highly commended project award. I've really enjoyed being part of the awards process to recognise the best in our industry and look forward to making our entries for 2022!”

Mohammad Syed 2020-12 v0.01-1

Thought Leader Consultant of the Year   Finalist: Mohammed Syed

“It was fantastic to be at the MCA awards with my colleagues from Credera. Seeing the fantastic work that we do as managing consultants recognised by our peers and clients was rewarding, and to see Credera take home an award was superb. I look forward to more opportunities to make the outstanding impact that we all made this year.”

Konrad Petrusewicz 2021-03 v0.01

Team Leader Consultant of the Year  Finalist: Konrad Petrusewicz 

“I'm really pleased for the winner of the Team Leader Consultant of the Year award. Although it may personally feel disappointing to not win the award, being shortlisted in such a well-regarded set of awards is a huge achievement and it's been a privilege to represent Credera in the MCA awards. I look forward to seeing what we can achieve next year!"

We would once again like to congratulate each of our five finalists for their achievements and thank them for their continued commitment to excellence.

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