Oct 12, 2023

Cracking the Code: B2C Commerce Developer Certification Exam

Credera Team

Credera Team

Cracking the Code: B2C Commerce Developer Certification Exam

The Salesforce B2C Commerce Developer certification is your golden ticket to the world of e-commerce development. It proves a Salesforce consultant’s expertise in creating customised Salesforce solutions for direct-to-consumer operations.

In this blog, we’ll explore why Angus Lurcott, a Salesforce Developer, and Ashley George, a Technical Consultant at Credera, chose this certification, how to prepare for it, and their top tips for success. Let’s dive in!

Why choose the B2C Commerce Developer Certification?

Online shopping is booming, it has already become a big part of our daily lives, and many businesses are rushing to the internet to reach more customers. That’s where the B2C Commerce Developer Certification comes in.

In today’s world, understanding how online shopping works is pretty much a must. It’s all about specialising in a niche that’s not just valuable but also exciting. In our digital economy, understanding e-commerce is non-negotiable, and this certification helps you stand out in the competitive developer world.

The path to B2C Certification

The good news is, there are no specific prerequisites, but having some developer experience under your belt can certainly help. It’s even better if you’ve spent a few months in a B2C Commerce Developer role.

The first step I always take when preparing for a Salesforce Certification is carefully reviewing the exam guide on Trailhead. It outlines all the important information you need. Plus, it offers some recommended training references.

Angus Lurcott, Salesforce Developer

For me, hands-on learning is by far the best approach to exam preparation! To get ready for the Salesforce B2C Commerce certification, I completed the ‘Develop for Salesforce B2C Commerce’ trail on Trailhead.

Angus Lurcott, Salesforce Developer

This hands-on trail does not only introduce you to the fundamentals of B2C development but also gives you practical experience by working in a sandbox environment.

A strong understanding of JavaScript, especially Node.js, which is used for server-side programming, can be really helpful with this exam.

Ashley George, Technical Consultant

Like with any certification, there can be challenges along the way. The Commerce Cloud platform is quite different from the standard Salesforce stack, it is rich with components and features, making it a bit of a learning curve. You’re likely to face some new concepts such as ISML (the markup language for storefronts), SFRA (Storefront Reference Architecture), Cartridges, Deployment processes, and more. All elements that might not have crossed your path within the realm of traditional Salesforce.

Sure, it might feel like a bit of a learning rollercoaster, but with the right resources and the right attitude, it can be conquered.

It was good to learn and understand hands-on how complex e-commerce sites could be designed and built on the B2C Commerce platform.

Ashley George, Technical Consultant

Top tip for success

Passing the B2C Commerce Developer certification requires a strategic approach. Follow these steps:

  1. Start by completing the “Develop for Salesforce B2C Commerce” trail on Trailhead. Take your time to understand all the concepts thoroughly before moving on to the next modules. It’s all about building a solid foundation! 

  2. Check out the training videos available in the Partner Learning Camp. They offer valuable insights and practical knowledge to boost your expertise.

  3. Gain practical experience with a B2C Commerce sandbox. Hands-on exercises are crucial, and this step-by-step guide on ‘What is SFRA’ can be very handy.


What’s next?


Angus Lurcott, Salesforce Developer

“As for my next cert, I’m currently working towards the Sales Cloud Consultant certification. The journey never stops, and each certification opens up new opportunities.”


Ashley George, Technical Consultant

“The next certification I am planning to get is the B2C Commerce Architect. I feel that would be the right progressive step forward. This certification will help me learn advanced architecture and design concepts so I can create better solutions for our clients.”

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