Jun 07, 2021

Pocket guide: An Introduction to DataOps

Mark Atterbury

Mark Atterbury

Pocket guide: An Introduction to DataOps

In this handy pocket guide, we run through the basics of DataOps, such as what does it mean, and how does it deliver value to organisations?

What you'll learn

This pocket guide has been written by Will Telford, a Managing Consultant at Credera who has over seven years of experience in delivering change to organisations' data and analytics functions, and Mark Atterbury, a Principal Consultant who has 11 years' experience in advanced analytics and building sustainable data capabilities. On downloading the guide, you will learn the basics of DataOps, why it has emerged in recent years, and how it can benefit your organisation.

Download the pocket guide and you'll gain insights into:

  1. The underlying principles of DataOps.

  2. Why DataOps has emerged in recent years.

  3. How a DataOps framework can benefit your organisation and help to eliminate common blockers in analytics pipelines.

Who is it for?

This pocket guide is relevant to data & analytics leaders such as CEOs, CDOs, CTOs, CIOs, and Business Decision Makers with a Technology / Data / Product Agenda, as well as any DataOps enthusiasts out there!

    An Introduction to DataOps - Pocket Guide

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