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Independent tailored advice on targeted technology utilization helps defense, security, and justice organizations keep the public safe while operating efficiently.

Why it Matters

Rationalization of data and infrastructure to improve public services.

Demonstrating their trustworthiness underpins many of our defense and security sector clients’ technology decisions. Budget constraints have led to a fragmented technology landscape. However, an increasing drive to leverage data is leading to the adoption of tools that improve data insights and, in turn, public safety. 

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Infrastructure rationalization

In defense, we are seeing organizations pivot from the hundreds of applications in use to a more streamlined approach to data with consolidation into one system.   

Data insights

Increasing use of digital services heightens the importance of channeling data into a single source of truth to inform decision-making with trusted data insights. Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) can also help address the risk of cybercrime that rises with increasingly data-driven operations. 

  • Automate time-consuming tasks, allowing teams to verify digital outputs rather than perform manual tasks. 

  • Receive independent, vendor-agnostic advice on the best fit-for-purpose technology solutions. 

  • Embed new data and technology tools into everyday ways of working with integrated training. 

Put people first

Technology investments should center on how to make better use of the huge amounts of data to improve victim journeys. The right digital tools improve outcomes for victims, as well as help their experience of the system. This people-first approach is key when setting program objectives to ensure you are moving toward true value.  

How We Can Help

Experience the difference.

At Credera, one of our core values is humility. In every decision, we consider our clients’ and colleagues’ interests as more important than our own. When we are wrong, we own our part, learn from our mistakes, and work to rebuild confidence and trust.  

We call this the Credera Difference, and we invite you to hear directly from some of our clients about their experiences working with us. We don’t try to tell them how to do their job; instead, we bring our expertise to augment their own knowledge and capability. 

  • Explore how the MHRA and Credera transformed the IT agenda and saved 70% of operating reduction costs.

  • See how the Government of Jersey and Credera mapped architecture and scoping procurement.

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