Coventry: Reach Prospective Students with Sophisticated, Personalised Marketing Campaigns.

Coventry University partnered with Credera to reach prospective students with sophisticated and personalized marketing campaigns.

At a Glance


Steve Humber, Chief Digital Information Officer, Coventry University Group

Reflecting the increasingly competitive and commercialised nature of higher education, Coventry University has ambitious expansion plans with a strong focus on international recruitment. Coventry is one of the UK’s top universities and is among the top 600 globally. It has around 35,000 students in the UK, and a further 16,000 studying abroad. Its student body is diverse, with more than 150 nationalities represented.

The Challenge

Creating a CRM to reach prospective students.

  • They needed the capability to deliver targeted marketing campaigns that would represent their world-class institution accurately

  • They needed a CRM solution that would allow them to remain competitive in a difficult and often crowded market

  • Basic CRM solution with limited scope for improvement

  • Imminent risk of the software provider failing to keep the system running

The Solution

Building a CRM for the future.

  • Remove the immediate threat of losing their CRM altogether, while creating the space to think about longer-term requirements

  • Build a network of non-IT ‘super-users’ means a team of experts can deal with any day-to-day problems without relying on IT support

The Results

Reduced costs and greater self-reliance for 'superusers'.

  • The university was able to save money with significantly reduced licensing costs

  • CRM users are more self-sufficient with less reliance on IT support for basic tasks

  • User feedback showed that live operation went well

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