Industville: Improving Outcomes with Service Cloud

Industville partnered with Credera to manage their Service Cloud implementation to pave the way for excellence in multi-channel customer support

At a Glance

“A year on and we do not know how we lived without the strategic oversight and sales management that Salesforce now gives to us. Credera is a true Partner in every sense of the word.”

Ryan Taylor, Finance Director

Industville are the makers of handcrafted, high-quality, uniquely designed industrial style lights and furniture. They are committed to providing exceptional service and high-quality products to meet and exceed statutory regulations. They enlisted Credera to manage their Service Cloud implementation, having recently rolled out Sales Cloud to the organisation.

The Challenge

Creating a structured support workflow.

  • There were no fixed SLAs on support requests (apart from a general rule to respond within a couple of hours)

  • There was no system to track the volume or detail of support requests, other than notes against orders in Shopify

  • Support team was responsible for fulfilling all orders with shipping details manually in Shopify, on top of managing requests from customers

  • Sales team didn’t have visibility on support activities as transactions were not recorded in Salesforce against customer records

The Solution

Enhancing infrastructure and multi-channel support.

  • Migrated multi-channel support, with email-to-case customer support and full B2C case tracking

  • Enabled email-to-case automation for clients’ main incoming email addresses

  • Email attachments (predominantly used for returns of broken items) recorded and held against each case

  • Introduced fixed term SLAs for response and case closure

The Results

Streamlined customer support and improved workflows.

  • Service teams now track all customer complaints and interactions as Cases against single customer records

  • Able to track and report upon volume and cadence of support requests

  • Foundations now in place to introduction CTI and social customer service

  • Reduced the Customer Service Team’s workload and stress with information more readily available

  • Able to observe and report on service team KPIs in real time

  • Full case escalation, notification functionality and history recorded in Salesforce

  • Reduced time to case closure due to introduction of service SLAs

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