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Building an AWS platform to host existing internal IP applications

Credera needed an AWS platform that was highly secure, easily managed, and aligned with the latest AWS best practices.

At a Glance

Credera needed a new AWS platform for internal app development. Since the existing platform was set up, AWS has released many new services and updates. Our internal cloud team designed and built a new platform based on AWS’ current multi-account reference architecture and best practices.

The Challenge

Developing an accessible AWS platform at pace.

There had been a significant increase in the number of staff joining the organisation since the setup of the existing platform, amplifying the need for a platform that was easy to use, access, and develop on. This included a large increase in the size of our engineering function.

This shift also meant that our engineers needed access to a sandpit environment to test ideas and concepts in a controlled environment.

The Solution

Building a new AWS platform using best practices.

Our cloud team designed and built a new AWS platform with cutting-edge AWS technology. This platform was defined as Infrastructure-as-Code, written in Terraform, and deployed via a Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery/Deployment (CICD) pipeline, leveraging GitHub Actions.

The team developed the account vending machine capability, allowing for AWS account creation to be automated with a small amount of code.

The platform was integrated with the existing Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), providing a seamless login process.

The Results

A cost-effective enterprise-grade cloud platform.

Credera can now create and deploy AWS accounts in the new platform in under ten minutes, configured with full security.

We also have a set of templates consisting of thousands of lines of code, which can be easily adapted to fit specific client use cases.

Each account costs around £4 per month to operate, which is extremely cost-effective for an enterprise-grade setup.

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