Leading Automotive Manufacturer

Enabling real-time personalized user experience at scale.

Credera partnered with a leading automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to architect and build a global, real-time artificial intelligence (AI) decision platform that generated more than 400% return on investment.

At a Glance

A leading automotive OEM embarked on a mission to consistently enhance and elevate the customer experience in a sustainable and lasting way. The automotive OEM engaged Credera to find a customized solution to meet customer needs.

The teams worked together to leverage the capabilities of an AI-driven decisioning platform. As a result, we not only identified anonymous users and turned them into customers, but also generated sustainable return on investment (ROI) through real-time prognoses and website adaption based on the individual user behavior. The combination of AI-driven data science, deep marketing knowledge and the powerful real-time enterprise decision platform empowered the teams to create unparalleled added value, benefiting both businesses and individual users.

The Challenge

Creating scalable and automated personalized communication.

Automotive manufacturers have always worked through dealerships to communicate directly with customers, explain differences in car models and options, and help customers find the right vehicle for their needs. This automotive OEM led the way in creating online applications that allow users to build their dream car interactively and find a dealer with a match available. This has helped connect many customers to the right dealer with the right car.  

This automotive OEM felt they could improve the customer experience by integrating advanced AI and machine learning to help predict what users would like and guide them through the process faster. Unfortunately, most commercially available tools used to help streamline web recommendations and usage don’t support these types of “big ticket” purchases. For example, they don’t recognize the many visits as interest in the same vehicle—nor can they handle the hundreds of different options available on a car.

The Solution

AI-based real-time personalization.

To improve the customer experience, the Credera team built a customized enterprise decision platform that provides a consistent, personalized user experience across all touchpoints. This platform personalizes the website in real time and according to the user’s interests by using AI.

The platform compares each user’s interactions and characteristics to identify more about the user. Then the platform creates a personalized experience that delivers on the user needs or wants. For example, a user would be shown how to customize and find a vehicle at a local dealer if they were in the conversion stage.

The Credera team also facilitated change management to enable personalized experiences tailored to the OEM's needs. The solution worked with the OEM's current platforms with a flexible system connection, ensuring a smooth implementation that can grow across over 100 markets.

The Results

A global and fully automated decisioning platform.

With advanced AI algorithms and a powerful managed service, the automotive OEM now sees an increase in sales through personalization.

As a result of this initiative, the OEM has experienced the following:

  • Value for money: Our global, real-time AI decision platform yields an ROI of more than 400% for the client.

  • Enhanced customer experience: Every user's journey is personalized in real time.

  • Powerful scalability: Simultaneous execution of over 550 personalization cases and campaigns in real time, our solution demonstrates unparalleled performance and scalability. 

  • Smooth connection: Our personalization platform is seamlessly integrated with the marketing architecture and its data structure. Data can now be enriched and unified to get the most out of our customer’s data.

  • Transparent ROI analysis: Our solution provides a clear and transparent calculation of the incremental ROI for all things personalization. With valuable insights, we empower informed decision-making, optimizing the effectiveness of our personalization efforts even further.

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