Mount Anvil

Mount Anvil: Getting the sales process online

Mount Anvil partnered with Credera to completely transform the sales process from offline to online, to streamline the offers and case management processes, automate approvals and reduce field service team turnaround time

At a Glance

“Credera has supported us in transforming the way we use Salesforce, multiplying user adoption by 12 times in three years. Credera are great partners to have alongside for our CRM journey!”

Anit Sharma, CRM Manager, Mount Anvil

Mount Anvil embarked on a digital transformation with Credera in early 2017 and have since been working with Credera’s service management team as part of continuous improvement, in line with their company’s goals. Credera continues to carry out roadmapping with Mount Anvil according to industry-standard practices.

Mount Anvil’s service management contract with Credera gave them the flexibility and time they needed to completely transform the sales process from offline to online.

The Challenge

A roadmap to transform the sales process.

  • Inefficient, manual offers process

  • Salespeople were using “spreadsheets, napkins, anything to get their offers approved” – data was not centralised

  • There were only four Salesforce users, who did not get value from it – so the investment was wasted

  • There was no single source of truth for data on homes

The Solution

Streamlining data and automating processes.

  • Fixing underlying issues

  • Data was cleansed and Salesforce customisation was stripped down to refresh the system

  • Salesforce was re-designed with minimal customisation to suit the needs of the users at Mount Anvil

  • Created a team to push Salesforce internally, with an exec sponsor, champions and super users

The Results

Greater efficiencies across case management and approvals.

  • Streamlined offers process

  • Case management, e.g. sizes, address, pricing of homes, is now all in one place – a single source of truth

  • Automated approvals process – offers go to managers’ phones and are emailed to clients, speeding up entire offers process

  • Field service team turnaround time has been reduced from 12 to three days from logging to close

  • Salesforce utilisation increased from four to 50 users – everyone is using the same system

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