A financial services company

Modern digital foundation and enhanced experience.

A financial services company needed a stronger web presence that reflected its technological prowess.

At a Glance

A large financial services company had a website that was not a strong representation of its technical power and capabilities. Additionally, the authoring process was cumbersome, and marketing results were lacking. Through our partnership, we assessed their site and determined how to best optimize their performance, remove unnecessary barriers, and upgrade their platform to Adobe Experience Manager. The result was a boost in signups and account funding in the first year.

The Challenge

Underperformance, inability to personalize, and no actionable insights.

The client is dedicated to ensuring that everyone has the power to manage their money affordably and with confidence. But its website failed to engage consumers and, subsequently, drive conversions. The site was also hindered by an unnecessarily complex authoring process and under-delivery of marketing results.

Primary concerns included:   

  • Conversion rate underperformance

  • Inability to employ personalized messaging across touchpoints

  • Compliance issues posing the threat of legal action

  • Lack of actionable insights and metrics

  • Long release cycles hindering responses to market conditions

  • Legacy platform deficiencies blocking many projects, such as A/B testing

The Solution

An integration of older systems, and enhanced analytics and user testing.

Our specialists reconfigured large parts of the client’s digital ecosystem, from code to messaging, to modernize the foundation and enhance the user experience. 

We replaced the legacy system with Adobe Experience Manager and integrated the ecosystem, enabling enhancements like A/B testing and faster publishing times. Leveraging the newly available user testing capabilities, we redesigned the signup process into an inviting, easy-to-use flow that boosted conversions.  We also successfully: 

  • Created an analytics program to track customer behavior across all touchpoints   

  • Devised a personalization strategy   

  • Remediated the ecosystem to WCAG AA standards   

  • Streamlined release cycles, speeding up time-to-market

  • Re-created QA and development environments and integrated all tools properly, enabling enhancements while maintaining security

The Results

An increase in conversions and customer understanding.

Through our partnership, we helped our client achieve tangible results and increase their understanding of user behavior to better tailor the experience to their customers’ needs. Highlights included:

  • Boost in conversions: 14% increase in signups and account funding in the first year

  • Actionable insights: Deeper understanding of customers through robust analytics

  • Faster speed-to-market: Time required to publish shortened by more than 75% 

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