Implementing IT and operations technology strategy.

Credera partnered with LOOP, LLC to define a future state technology strategy and roadmap, supporting the company’s goal to leverage robust and resilient technology to maximize performance.

At a Glance

LOOP, LLC is a company whose primary business is offloading foreign crude oil from tankers and storing and distributing offshore domestic crude oil. Credera partnered with LOOP to define a future state technology strategy that would result in a data-driven operating model, improve safety and asset integrity through predictive maintenance and conditional monitoring, digitize field operations and work requests, and improve the customer experience through digital nomination and movement channels. Credera helped to establish their strategic priorities, prioritized more than 30 opportunities, and developed a five-year technology roadmap.

The Challenge

Defining a future state technology strategy and roadmap.

LOOP, LLC was looking to create a new information technology (IT) and operations technology (OT) strategy. They wanted an upgraded strategy that would result in a data-driven operating model, improvement of safety and asset integrity through predictive maintenance and conditional monitoring. They wanted to digitize field operations such as MOC’s, PM’s, work requests, work orders, and inventory management and improve the customer experience through digital nomination and movement channels.

The Solution

Assessing current state and creating a five-year roadmap.

Credera led over 35 working sessions with business and IT/OT stakeholders to gather and evaluate LOOP’s functional and technical requirements. Next, Credera ​performed a current state assessment across IT and OT systems, technology service delivery, organization design, and key corporate and field processes​.

LOOP and Credera worked together to define a future state technology strategy and a five (5) year roadmap across IT and OT systems, org design and human capital investments, and process improvements.

The Results

Implemented strategic priorities and programs.

Established Strategic Priorities​

Aligned on the primary areas of focus within LOOP’s technology strategy and defined the supporting technology strategy map and balanced scorecard metrics​

Prioritized and Sized Opportunities​

Prioritized more than thirty opportunities and provided a phased project prioritization framework across value and investment axis’​

Developed Technology Roadmap​

Developed a five-year technology roadmap and created project proformas defining the capital and operational investments required to execute the initial program phases

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