Optimizing Your Marketing ROI: Investing with Confidence in Uncertain Times

June 16, 2020 Grace Lee

As of late, uncertainty seems to be the only variable we can count on as COVID-19 reshapes expectations, norms and spending patterns. As we all make adjustments in our personal and professional lives, businesses likewise must adapt in order to survive. In a time when the terms “uncertain times” and “new normal” have become deeply […]

The ‘People Factors’ for a Successful Transformation

July 26, 2019 Devon Leasure

How focusing on people in the midst of an organizational change leads to a greater return on investment Organizations don’t change, people do. On average, more than 75% of the return on investment (ROI) of any major business transition is tied to the user adoption, and only 25% is attributed to the actual installation or […]

Microsoft’s Windows Intune & Your Bottom Line

December 28, 2015 Shawn Anderson

Think about your typical day. Picture when you are in an elevator, at lunch, around the office, or at home in the evenings.  When was the last time you did not see most people without some type of connected device? As businesses, people, and organizations continue to connect with each other, the tolerance and expectations […]

How to Maximize Return on your SharePoint Investment

April 15, 2011 Jesus Salazar

Last year, our country faced the worst recession since the great depression.  Now that things are starting to rebound, we have noticed some interesting dynamics when discussing SharePoint 2010 with our clients.  As businesses were forced to tighten their belts, projects that weren’t directly tied to revenue were more rigorously vetted and building compelling business […]

Critical Success Factors for eCommerce Projects

January 19, 2010 Justin Bell

I wanted to share my thoughts about the key benefits and success factors for eCommerce projects to minimize risk and set them up for success. From my experience doing eCommerce projects, I believe the following factors are critical to the success of the initiative: Proper project prioritization – Is this the right investment of your […]

Maximizing your eCommerce Investment

January 12, 2010 Rebecca Cochener

Companies who continue to focus investment dollars on growing their eCommerce channel are realizing a positive ROI. Good news. However, those that invest in eCommerce as part of a Multi-Channel Marketing and Sales Strategy can maximize their online ROI. Better news. Multi-channel retailers sell products to customers using multiple distribution channels, including ‘brick and mortar’ […]