5 Questions Employers Should Ask About Returning to Work

July 6, 2020 David Dobat

As some COVID-19 restrictions loosen and organizations continue to open up, leaders are faced with daunting questions such as, should we go back to some semblance of pre-COVID-19 work environments, shift to a 100% remote work model (like Facebook and others did), or some mixture of the two? And how? When (or if) businesses start […]

Post-COVID-19 Strategy: Accelerate into the Future

June 15, 2020 Gail Stout Perry

There’s no doubt about it, the last few months have brought on unprecedented changes on a global scale. What did we even talk about before COVID-19? Rarely are we faced with such a monumental issue that the entire world has to put their best minds together to solve a communal problem. While we have never […]

Strategy for Prioritizing the Next 100 Days

May 15, 2020 Gail Stout Perry

Undoubtably, these are unusual times. For most companies and individuals, the situation we now face with the COVID-19 pandemic is unlike anything seen in history, and the anticipated economic “hangover” is still an unknown. In a recent Statista article, leading economists estimate that even in the best-case scenario, global GDP loss because of the pandemic […]