Creating Better User Experiences for Your Mobile App

June 3, 2020 Aaron Wolin

When you hear the words user experience (UX), what comes to mind?    The look and feel?    Navigation and user flows?    Branding, icons, and other graphics?  Animations and transitions?  Each of these components are needed to craft the best UX for better and therefore memorable and meaningful interactions. Let’s take a closer look at what technology, design, and analytical considerations are important for creating an engaging experience.  Make User Interactions Meaningful […]

8 Critical Considerations for Developing a Successful Mobile Strategy

May 1, 2020 Fernando Berrios

A good mobile strategy isn’t just for large businesses or retail anymore. Over 75% of Americans own a smart phone, with an incredible 96% ownership in the 18 to 29 demographic. More people are transitioning to using their mobile devices for their internet usage, with 53.3% of internet traffic and 50.1% of all internet time spent on a mobile device. This data suggests that soon […]

Restaurants in the Age of COVID-19: How to Accelerate Curbside & Delivery

April 9, 2020 Justin Wilson

COVID-19 has changed how Americans are shopping and dining. As of April 2020, half of the U.S. population has been asked to self-quarantine to combat the spread of COVID-19. This social distancing has produced a new surge in curbside and delivery services with pressure on grocers, big box, and online retail to comply with municipal […]

Apple Business Chat Real Life Use Cases

November 10, 2017 Kyle Andrews

This year at WWDC 2017, Apple announced the developer preview of Business Chat: a new, deeply integrated way to communicate with your iOS users. While chatting with customers is not a new idea, Apple’s Business Chat carries an aura of a powerful, unique tool that can be custom tailored to enhance an industry user experience. […]

How Performance Reviews Promote Learning and Career Growth

November 16, 2016 Briana Gentry

Credera works hard to create an atmosphere that promotes employee growth both professionally and personally. Our desire is to provide an environment helpful to employees as they develop into excellent consultants, communicators, and leaders. Career development is more than gaining deep expertise in a specific focus area. Leadership, presentation, and interpersonal skills are equally important. […]

Credera’s Cody Case Delivers: On and Off the Track

September 8, 2016 Andrew Warden

I caught up with Cody Case recently to talk through his passions inside and outside of work and to get his thoughts on how he has grown in his five years with Credera. Who are some of the clients you’ve worked with? Some clients I’ve worked with at Credera are National Geographic, C Spire,, […]

Key Considerations for Push Notifications

July 11, 2016 Aaron Wolin

Many of our clients want notifications integrated into the apps they build. And they should! App-based notifications are a great way to alert VIP customers about events such as upcoming deals, social events, or company news. App notifications are difficult to master and their implementation highly depends on their intended use. We’ve curated a list […]

Helpful Services and Tools for Prototyping in 2016

July 5, 2016 Jonathan Williamson

Developing an early prototype or proof-of-concept can serve as an invaluable stepping stone in the digital product design flow. From visual styling and interaction flows to underlying data structures and API architectures, prototypes support the Agile methodology by creating short feedback loops between designers, developers, and product stakeholders. They also allow for componentization of the […]