Unity in Leadership Part 2: Unity Above All Else

August 12, 2013 Matt Levy

I like working in isolation. Decisions seem clear. No one tells me I’m wrong. I get what I want. But ultimately, it’s not good. You can’t lead an organization from solitude. Unity is more important than my preferences. One of my favorite activities is “unstructured thinking.” I love quiet times of writing, reading, thinking, praying, […]

Unity in Leadership Part 1: William Wilberforce Wasn’t Alone

August 5, 2013 Matt Levy

William Wilberforce is a hero of mine. He is best known for leading the abolition of the slave trade in Britain. His work began in the 1780s and continued through the 1830s. He spent his life fighting slavery. But Wilberforce didn’t do it alone. He surrounded himself with friends and colleagues who helped shape the […]

Fellow Business and Community Leaders,

May 15, 2013 Matt Levy

What if we re-commit our lives to the idea of virtuous living? What would happen to our city if the leaders began to practice privately what we all agree upon publically? What if what we do behind closed doors matters more than what people believe to be true about our lives? Can you imagine what […]

Lack of Trust is More Dangerous Than Terror

March 17, 2013 Donovan Campbell

For the past month, our nation has been fixated on the political drama surrounding the inexorable march towards an event ominously referred to as “the sequester.” When this policy was first proposed in 2011, Republicans and Democrats alike—in a rare show of bipartisanship—roundly agreed that the idea was so bad that neither side would ever […]

A Leader’s Guide: How Not to Fail at One of Your Company’s Most Significant Software Investments – CRM Part I

October 17, 2012

Organization, Training and Governance After any major enterprise has wrapped up a CRM installation project, there is always the temptation to breathe a sigh of relief, declare “Mission Accomplished,” and move on to take a new and different hill. Unfortunately, the system installation is just the first battle in a long campaign, and leaders who […]

7 Favorite Credera Leadership Quotes

August 28, 2012 Brad Buhl

Great leadership must include inspirational, consistent, clear communication substantiated by the right behavior.  Last week our Management Team took a brief reprieve from client work to review the previous 12 months and think through opportunities to more effectively serve our clients and employees.  Along the way, I wrote down several quotes from our leaders … […]

The Results of Excellence

August 14, 2012 Donovan Campbell

Contentment The character quality of excellence is a leadership imperative, and if pursued intentionally, it will bear fruit.  The first of those fruits is contentment, best defined as a peace with our current circumstances that frees us from daily dissatisfaction. Unfortunately, contentment is an outcome we often seek but rarely find.  The reason for this […]

Our Best Efforts Every Day

August 7, 2012 Donovan Campbell

If we hope to be the best leaders we can be, then we have to be the Mike Kurzes of the world. We must give our best, every single day. We must understand the responsibility each day brings. We must believe time is a gift that must be stewarded well and we must cultivate an […]

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

July 18, 2012 Deana Self

Employees are the mirrors in which every leader sees their reflection … Recently I read an article on mirror neurons and their role within the brain. As I read through the article, I thought of the mirror neuron effect leaders have on their organizations, impacting the actions, reactions, and values those that follow them may […]

The Learning and Leadership Accelerator – Humility

June 25, 2012 Donovan Campbell

Not many people know that Abraham Lincoln wasn’t his party’s first choice as their Presidential nominee. The Republican field was stacked with candidates far more accomplished and better known than the circuit lawyer from a backwater frontier state, but Lincoln somehow secured the Republican nomination and then the Presidency. Immediately thereafter, the Illinoisan did something […]