A Little Help From My Friends – Insight on Architecture & Technology Trends

December 2, 2015 Justin Bell

Last week I celebrated my 11th year at Credera.  One of my favorite things about working at Credera is that every day I get to collaborate with our amazing team (my friends) on a wide variety of problems.  When a client asks me “what do you know about (fill in the blank technology topic)?”, I almost always have […]

Digital Maturity Model: Are you a Digital Leader?

November 4, 2015 Justin Bell

Success in Digital requires not only an investment in digital capabilities, but also a change in the culture that only strong leadership can inspire. Typically, companies with better digital capabilities are better at growing revenue, while those with better digital leadership capability are better at increasing profitability.  Companies that combine strong digital capabilities with strong […]

Digital Transformation and the Rise of the Chief Digital Officer

October 15, 2015 Justin Bell

In the book Leading Digital, the authors identified two distinct capabilities that a company must excel in to achieve “Digital Mastery” and a high degree of digital transformation. Digital Capabilities – defined as the investment in and development of the technical digital capabilities (e.g., the technologies, tools, infrastructure, etc.) Digital Leadership Capabilities – defined as having […]

IT, Marketing, and Digital Leaders Say Relational Trust and Leadership are the Most Important Factors

May 1, 2015 Justin Bell

Last week I had a great opportunity to spend the afternoon with about 40 CIOs, CMOs, and Digital leaders at a Strategic Forum event that allows us to all share our experiences, learn from each other, and develop new relationships with our executive peers.  The topic for the day was how IT, Marketing, and Digital can work together […]

Generosity Is Contagious

November 19, 2014 Morgan Eseke

Generous people are my favorite people to work with. They tend to be others-focused and make great servant leaders. They are often the most patient and helpful of teammates.   My co-worker Sarah is always busy. She juggles several important internal responsibilities and has a seemingly never-ending and lengthy to-do list. Despite her workload, she […]

True Leadership is Servant Leadership

October 27, 2014 Morgan Eseke

The definition of leadership has little to do with authority, power, or control. Instead it is about investing in others, leading by example, and putting the needs of others above your own. At Credera, leadership is not defined by a title or position. Regardless of his or her level we expect every employee — from […]

The Joy of Meetings – Part 4: Collaborative Meetings

April 14, 2014 Marleta Hansen

I love collaborative meetings.  A well-executed collaborative meeting is probably the most exciting thing I get to participate in during my workday.  Opinions are shared, tasks are accomplished, decisions are made, and problems are solved.  One of my favorite things about consulting with Credera is the opportunity to collaborate with our clients as we embrace […]

The Joy of Meetings – Part 3: Interviews

April 7, 2014 Marleta Hansen

As consultants, we work in many different industries and to help our clients tackle tough challenges.  As a result, we often find ourselves in a new setting and need to learn from an expert or group of experts before we can begin to help our clients. Interviews can be an effective way to learn from […]

The Joy of Meetings – Part 2: The Dreaded Status Meeting

March 31, 2014 Marleta Hansen

Status meetings can be one of the most important components of teamwork. They can also be the most dreaded hour (or more) of the week for some teams.  In his book Death by Meeting, Patrick Lencioni suggests that meetings should be more interesting than our favorite TV shows and movies because meetings are interactive and […]

The Joy of Meetings – Part 1: The Basics

March 24, 2014 Marleta Hansen

Have you ever left a meeting with more doodles than notes on your paper?  Do you ever wish you could join your doodle stick-man on his adventures through the lines of your paper instead of staying in that meeting?  That’s the unfortunate truth of many meetings I’ve attended. It’s unfortunate because instead of being boring, […]