6 Bad Behaviors That Will Stunt Successful Leaders

June 18, 2020 Raul Cevallos

When a friend of mine was promoted to a leadership position, he asked if I had any advice for him. I shared this tip that I wish someone would have shared with me 20 years ago: “When you take on a new role, make sure to let go of your old role as well.” I […]

Leading Remotely: Managing Careers While Working from Home

May 14, 2020 Justin Bell

Of the countless new challenges on the minds of leaders’ during the COVID-19 pandemic, learning to navigate the leadership of their teams, while employees are remote, is high on the list. Corporate leaders are currently finding themselves in the unique situation of managing careers while working from home and trying to develop their teams in […]

Create a Decision Making Framework to Guide the Right Stakeholder Balance

April 16, 2020 Justin Bell

Leaders are in a state of tension. Stuck between investing in employees, generating long-term value for shareholders, dealing fairly with suppliers, delivering value to customers, and supporting communities. Leaders willingly walk into this tension. In fact, in August 2019, 181 CEOs, including Jeff Bezos and Tim Cook, committed to the Business Roundtable statement that redefined […]

Leadership During Uninvited Change: Navigating the COVID Crisis by Meeting People’s Needs

April 7, 2020 Sandra Beno

Uninvited change is like getting hit by a car. Unexpected and leaving little time to process things, and simultaneously demanding of you to react. As the surprise-factor lingers, working through a checklist to guide next steps is helpful. This process of leading yourself and others by addressing basic human needs for security and stability in […]

Forbes Shares 5 Traits Leaders Should Demonstrate During Crisis

March 27, 2020 Sarah Bruner

During these times of unusual crisis and uncertainty, people are looking to their leaders to do just that – lead them. Leaders must find ways to prove to employees that they are worthy of trust. This exchange will result in a stronger organization and greater stability. How can leaders prove that they are trustworthy and […]

Focus on Trust: Successful Leadership in Times of Crisis

March 18, 2020 Andrew Warden

In times of crisis, trust is more valuable than ever. It promotes resilience in the face of uncertainty. It provides solid ground for action. And it even leads to better financial performance. As we all experience the impact of the recent coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, people are asking themselves who to trust. This is the time […]

You’re Incredibly Confident for a Girl: The Challenges and Future of Women in Technology

July 11, 2019 Ellie Miller

“For the first 25 years of my life, I always tried to be a ‘guy’s’ girl. And, if I’m being completely honest, I spent a lot of my time trash-talking other women. I’d see groups of girls on the street speaking in a certain tone and think to myself ‘Wow, they must be really vapid. […]

Growing the Next Generation of Leaders

February 28, 2019 Ally White

At Credera, we desire not only to make a difference for our clients, but also in our community and in the lives of the individuals we interact with on a daily basis. When we truly put our core values of professionalism, excellence, integrity, and humility into action, the result is a team full of leaders […]

Forbes Features Credera’s Justin Bell on Leading Through Change

January 8, 2019 Morgan Eseke

All around us the landscape of business is shifting. The pace of innovation is at an all-time high, leading to digital disruption across nearly every industry. At the same time the world is shifting culturally, and organizations are clamoring to stay relevant for an evolving workforce. In the U.S., it is estimated that 75% of […]

Credera’s President Shares With Forbes About the Importance of Listening

November 16, 2018 Morgan Eseke

With talent acquisition and employee engagement top of mind for many in today’s competitive talent market, Credera turned to Glassdoor to better understand what makes an organization highly attractive to employees and job seekers. After analyzing hundreds of anonymous Glassdoor reviews, our team found that the number one aspect contributing to high or low employer […]