Developing JavaScript Against a Remote Server

April 11, 2017 Jose Gonzalez

Fiddler allows you to load a remote website with files from your local machine. It’s a good way to do quick development when your usual setup isn’t handy. If you’re asking yourself why anyone would need to do this, it’s simply a situation that sometimes comes up. In my case, the part of the site […]

Android Libraries You Should Know

April 6, 2017 Zachary Slayter

Beginning development for a new platform can be a difficult process—and even more so without the helpful libraries that people have already created to ease the process. “Reinventing the wheel” in software development will slow development time and weaken your code stability. You will have more code to maintain and more opportunities for bugs and […]

A Common Pitfall With Microservice Architectures

February 29, 2016 Jeremy Leisy

Microservices have definitely hit it big. The architectural approach has made it into the mainstream by proving itself as a legitimate way to build fault-tolerant, highly available, horizontally scalable systems. With big name adopters in the high-performance tech industry such as Netflix, Amazon, and eBay, it is wise for the software architect to understand the […]