How Companies Can Avoid the Ad Blocker Arms Race

February 27, 2019 Christian Buechel

The struggle between companies trying to advertise and customers wanting a better experience has resulted in an escalating ad blocker arms race. But there has to be a way for companies to reach customers while still respecting their wishes. We explore this middle ground with three strategies to get past the need for ad blockers. […]

Voice-Recognition Applications: Financial Services

October 25, 2018 Drew Allen

Voice-recognition technologies are disrupting existing markets. From widespread smart speaker adoption (47.3 million U.S. adults own a voice-activated smart speaker) to impressive new use cases (Google’s demo at I/O 2018 of its assistant making a phone call to book a hairdresser appointment), voice technologies have reached a tipping point in terms of innovation. Whether these […]

Building Digital Organizations: Every Organization’s Challenges Are Different

July 22, 2016 Hugh DeWitte

Digital is changing how the world works and lives, providing better experiences and outcomes for people across the globe. It is the great leveler. But keeping a level head when trying to figure out how to build a digital organization is anything but one-dimensional. Successful digital business performance has become increasingly important. Digital is an […]

CMO Magazine Highlights Chili’s A+ Digital Guest Experience

June 23, 2016 Morgan Eseke

In a recent exclusive interview Chili’s SVP and CMO, Krista Gibson, discusses how Chili’s is utilizing technology to create a best-in-class guest experience. Tech savvy and food-conscious millennials increasingly represent a significant population of casual dining consumers. Chili’s is laser focused on providing these guests an excellent, personalized and relevant digital experience. Credera is […]

Driving Traffic and Generating Revenue – Tips From Credera’s Digital Practice

February 3, 2016 Justin Bell

Nobody likes traffic.  Unless, of course, you run an eCommerce business.  Then, traffic is one of the keys to your success and the more of it you can generate through organic channels the better. There are a lot of tips and tricks to increasing online traffic and I’ll cover some of them below, but the […]

Ready for Digital Transformation?

January 27, 2016 Justin Bell

In a recent article, MIT’s Jeanne Ross pointed out two factors that enable a company to achieve digital transformation: They treat data as an asset They build a platform so that data can be used as an asset She defined platform as “It’s the technology, the data, the people and the processes that hardwire some capability […]

Visual Prototyping, Data-Driven Design, and Other Trends in Digital

December 30, 2015 Justin Bell

One of my favorite things about working at Credera is that every day I get to collaborate with our amazing team on a wide variety of challenges.  When a client asks me “what do you know about (fill in the blank technology or digital topic)?”, I almost always have a few talented colleagues that I can […] – Day 1 Highlight – Exponential Organizations

December 1, 2015 Justin Bell

Outside of seeing some friends and clients, the highlight of day 1 of Digital Summit was a keynote presentation by Salim Ismail.  I’ve been reading his book, Exponential Organizations, and he did a great job presenting the key themes in a compelling and humorous way. My main takeaway is that any company, almost regardless of industry, […]

Digital Maturity Model: Are you a Digital Leader?

November 4, 2015 Justin Bell

Success in Digital requires not only an investment in digital capabilities, but also a change in the culture that only strong leadership can inspire. Typically, companies with better digital capabilities are better at growing revenue, while those with better digital leadership capability are better at increasing profitability.  Companies that combine strong digital capabilities with strong […]

Digital Transformation and the Rise of the Chief Digital Officer

October 15, 2015 Justin Bell

In the book Leading Digital, the authors identified two distinct capabilities that a company must excel in to achieve “Digital Mastery” and a high degree of digital transformation. Digital Capabilities – defined as the investment in and development of the technical digital capabilities (e.g., the technologies, tools, infrastructure, etc.) Digital Leadership Capabilities – defined as having […]