4 Ways Businesses Must Change to Serve the New Post-COVID-19 Customer

April 15, 2020 Andrew Warden

Although many of the seeming constants of our current environment are changing, we are still in the age of the customer, as Forrester put it in 2011. But that customer is changing and changing rapidly. They’ve already experienced significant disruption in their buying power with consumer spending down 25% since the beginning of March as […]

Customer Segmentation Explained in 10 Minutes or Less

November 13, 2019 Jenna Swinney

Not all customers are created equal. Some prove to be extremely loyal and passionate about your brand, while others may be sporadic purchasers at best. While managing marketing and advertising budgets, it’s important to be strategic about your investment across your customer base. The ability to segment customers based on defining characteristics can enable better […]