Leveraging Machine Vision to Evaluate Social Distancing

July 8, 2020 Matt Patterman

As the world plunged into isolation amid fears of a global pandemic, countries were quick to implement the now ever-present policy of ‘social distancing.’ This term is used to describe the various methods we have at our disposal to create space between ourselves and those around us. While the general population is now aware of […]

5 Questions Employers Should Ask About Returning to Work

July 6, 2020 David Dobat

As some COVID-19 restrictions loosen and organizations continue to open up, leaders are faced with daunting questions such as, should we go back to some semblance of pre-COVID-19 work environments, shift to a 100% remote work model (like Facebook and others did), or some mixture of the two? And how? When (or if) businesses start […]

How COVID-19 Changed the Fitness Industry: Recommendations to React, Respond, and Plan

July 2, 2020 Dana Smith

The global fitness industry is a competitive and populated market generating more than $80 billion per year in revenue. Boutique fitness brands compose upwards of 40% of the market and are growing at exponential rates. Boutique customers pay twice as much per month as consumers of big gyms such as Planet Fitness and Crunch. In […]

Empower Content Creators with these Overlooked Features of Adobe Experience Manager 6.5

June 30, 2020 Ethan Ballinger

Marketing teams are competing to deliver more meaningful experiences to their customers while decreasing their time to market. To do this, they’ve got to be more efficient with their time and resources. With the onset of COVID-19 related layoffs, hiring freezes, and furloughs, marketing teams and budgets are shrinking. Of the six largest marketing agencies […]

Oil and Gas: Near-term Innovation Trends Amidst Disruption

June 29, 2020 Kevin McDonald

Firms across all industries are experiencing the aftershocks of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) on their 2020 outlooks. Each industry has forged their own path to flexibility, often pivoting to use existing assets to meet market needs amidst disruption. More specifically, large global oil and gas (O&G) firms with globally integrated value chains were well positioned […]

NBA Innovation: How to Go Back to Play Post-COVID-19

June 23, 2020 Cameron Weinert

The current COVID-19 pandemic has impacted nearly every facet of life. Restaurants look different, concert halls are empty, and sports have been almost non-existent. However, as the country begins to re-open, professional sports leagues are beginning to consider what it would look like for games to begin again. This is good timing since sports fans […]

Optimizing Your Marketing ROI: Investing with Confidence in Uncertain Times

June 16, 2020 Grace Lee

As of late, uncertainty seems to be the only variable we can count on as COVID-19 reshapes expectations, norms and spending patterns. As we all make adjustments in our personal and professional lives, businesses likewise must adapt in order to survive. In a time when the terms “uncertain times” and “new normal” have become deeply […]

Post-COVID-19 Strategy: Accelerate into the Future

June 15, 2020 Gail Stout Perry

There’s no doubt about it, the last few months have brought on unprecedented changes on a global scale. What did we even talk about before COVID-19? Rarely are we faced with such a monumental issue that the entire world has to put their best minds together to solve a communal problem. While we have never […]

Prioritizing in the Wake of a Pandemic

June 1, 2020 Emily Crawford

COVID-19 has turned the world and business landscape upside down, altering every organization’s strategic priorities and operating methods. Companies are justifiability putting every dollar and resource hour spent under a microscope in an effort to maintain viability during this unprecedented time. But what if instead of simply surviving, companies could find a way to come […]

Your Oxygen Mask and the Importance of Pursuing Mental Wellness

May 28, 2020 Alex Moore

Credera’s employees have been working from home for over two months now. We’ve always been a firm that deeply values face time, so this has fundamentally changed the way we work. From an infrastructure perspective, we were well equipped to transition to a 100% remote workforce quickly. But as we settled into our work-from-home environment, […]