Leadership During Uninvited Change: Navigating the COVID Crisis by Meeting People’s Needs

April 7, 2020 Sandra Beno

Uninvited change is like getting hit by a car. Unexpected and leaving little time to process things, and simultaneously demanding of you to react. As the surprise-factor lingers, working through a checklist to guide next steps is helpful. This process of leading yourself and others by addressing basic human needs for security and stability in […]

3 Tips to Help Leaders Communicate Through Change

September 6, 2019 Laura Hunter

“The leader’s mood and behaviors drive the moods and behaviors of everyone else. A cranky and ruthless boss creates a toxic organization filled with negative under-achievers who ignore opportunities; an inspirational, inclusive leader spawns acolytes for whom any challenge is surmountable.” –Primal Leadership: The Hidden Driver of Great Performance Business leaders continuously face challenges, but among the […]

Leading Digital Transformation

February 25, 2016 Justin Bell

In recent years, we have seen how every company, regardless of industry, cannot ignore the extremely rapid changes that improvements in technology are bringing. Technology and the open communities that adapt it daily, can run around and through traditional barriers to entering markets, changing the ways of making, selling, and running companies. In the book Exponential Organizations, by […]

Why Feedback – Hard Conversations – Are Key to Change

May 8, 2012 Emily Schulhoff

Those who know me well know that conflict (i.e., anything that even risks rocking the boat) is not in my comfort zone.  I often would rather not address issues in an effort to ensure everyone stays happy as a lark (or ignorant of the problem)…but that leads to stagnation and dullness.  A Proverb counsels with […]

Lessons in Happiness and Leadership

May 1, 2012 Kyle Wahlquist

When skimming my Facebook feed this morning I noticed that a few of my friends had all read an article entitled “15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy.”   After reading it, I not only saw how these tips could be used for personal improvements, but also for professional improvements; in particular, for […]

Smart Leaders Initiate Positive Change

March 7, 2012 Kyle Wahlquist

When the going gets tough, the tough get smart. Smart leaders initiate positive change. In 2010 the economy had been sluggish for over two years and GameStop (the largest retailer of used gaming media) planned to grow its market share. However, the prevailing industry-wide perception that the PC gaming industry had been on a steady […]

Effective Project Change Management

July 8, 2010 Brad Buhl

Based on an original article by Manish Limaye Confession: I have never pre-judged Project Management quality by PMP certification, as much as the Project Management Institute might object. Not that there’s not inherent value in certification. Good certification (such as the PMP) is an obvious bar set for fundamentals of a given line of work. […]