A Common Pitfall With Microservice Architectures

February 29, 2016 Jeremy Leisy

Microservices have definitely hit it big. The architectural approach has made it into the mainstream by proving itself as a legitimate way to build fault-tolerant, highly available, horizontally scalable systems. With big name adopters in the high-performance tech industry such as Netflix, Amazon, and eBay, it is wise for the software architect to understand the […]

A Little Help From My Friends – Insight on Architecture & Technology Trends

December 2, 2015 Justin Bell

Last week I celebrated my 11th year at Credera.  One of my favorite things about working at Credera is that every day I get to collaborate with our amazing team (my friends) on a wide variety of problems.  When a client asks me “what do you know about (fill in the blank technology topic)?”, I almost always have […]

Minimalist Architecture

October 19, 2015 John Jacobs

About two years ago I trained for and ran a half marathon, and during my training I encountered the minimalist running shoe movement. According to the minimalists, human feet are designed to move us across the ground barefoot, and by wrapping them in thick foam cushions and arch supports, we are doing more harm than […]