The DMW Group and Credera CEOs Talk About Joining Forces: Behind the Scenes With Chris Dean and Justin Bell

July 28, 2020 Sarah Barber

It’s an exciting time for both Credera and The DMW Group as these two companies officially join forces and partner together to provide global, boutique consulting services. With the recent announcement that Credera has acquired a majority stake in The DMW Group, we’d like to offer the chance to get to know more about the […]

Omnicom Precision Marketing Group’s Credera Broadens Geographic Reach with the Acquisition of London-Based DMW Group

July 27, 2020 Sarah Bruner

New York, July 27, 2020 — Credera, a consulting firm focused on strategy, transformation, data, and technology, today announced it has acquired a majority stake in London-based DMW Group to expand its consulting and digital transformation capabilities into Europe. Credera is part of Omnicom Precision Marketing Group, the digital and customer relationship management specialist practice […]

Applying Lessons for a Successful Acquisition

November 9, 2015 Ben Armenta

Building a formidable organization during times of economic crisis has never been easy.  Operating in a commodity-based industry requires a heightened knack for “seasonal” preparedness to weather business cycles.  Depressed oil price conditions continue to put a stranglehold on producers and service providers alike, exposing many to corporate integration scenarios. The proliferation of mergers and […]