Reflecting on Credera’s 20th Anniversary & Looking Ahead to the Next 20 Years

January 14, 2019 Justin Bell

As we approach the 20th anniversary of Credera, I’ve taken some time to reflect on my 14-plus years here and what I envision the next 20 years will look like for Credera. First, a Look Back The pre-Credera portion of my career was a rocky ride. I had worked at Arthur Andersen (which went bankrupt […]

Forbes Features Credera’s Justin Bell on Leading Through Change

January 8, 2019 Morgan Eseke

All around us the landscape of business is shifting. The pace of innovation is at an all-time high, leading to digital disruption across nearly every industry. At the same time the world is shifting culturally, and organizations are clamoring to stay relevant for an evolving workforce. In the U.S., it is estimated that 75% of […]

Rebuilding Together

December 4, 2018 Dana Smith

A few months ago, we had the opportunity to attend Credera’s fifth build day with Rebuilding Together Houston. This nonprofit organization focuses on repairing homes for low-income and elderly homeowners. Over the past year, Credera has dedicated time, energy, and resources to giving back to our community through this partnership. Over four days, teams across […]

4 Success Factors to Effective Organizational Change

November 1, 2018 Morgan Eseke

In today’s rapidly changing world, the leaders who make the most impact are those who have shown the ability to make successful change management a reality. As speaker and growth strategist Gene Hammett puts it, “A failure to change can more simply be explained as a failure to grow.” According to Hammett, the ability to […]

New Ways to Leverage SharePoint and Office 365 to Enable Collaboration

October 19, 2018 Hannah Walsh

Collaboration is becoming increasingly important in the workplace. Virtually every task today requires communication with others. Many business leaders are looking for solutions to enable both internal and external collaboration. At Credera, we believe the future of collaboration is going to be more specialized, single-focused, and will follow market demand of being nimble by leveraging […]

Application Modernization: Overcoming Objections to Modernization

October 9, 2018 Dustin Talk

The Earth is flat, Lotus Notes is fine, and you only need 640K of RAM. What seems true at one point in time—whether it is the shape of the earth, the amount of RAM a computer needs, or the state of your workplace systems—may at some point change. It’s not always easy to recognize the […]

Strategy & Operations: Helping Companies Drive Strong Business Performance

October 2, 2018 Kevin Erickson

At Credera our competitive advantage is our people, our values, and our experience—sound familiar? We often joke about how consultants (ourselves included) love to talk about strategy without clearly explaining what strategy actually means to us. Here’s the thing: Once you get past the buzzwords and the 200-page PowerPoint decks, strategy is just the answer […]

How Data Is Creating Better Customer Experiences at Spotify

September 19, 2018 Jenna Swinney

In recent years, customer experience in the digital space has improved dramatically. Uber, Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, and Waze, for example, have made customer experience a key differentiator. We, as consumers, receive a greater personalized experience than ever before due to the information these companies gather about us and our habits. With this data, they are […]

Credera Anticipates Bright Future as a Member of Omnicom Group

August 3, 2018 Rob Borrego

We are excited to announce that Credera has joined the Omnicom portfolio as a strategic part of Omnicom Precision Marketing Group (OPMG), the digital and customer relationship management (CRM) specialist group within Omnicom Group Inc. (NYSE: OMC). This marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Credera’s employees and clients. The strategic partnership will provide […]

Leverage Technology to Its Fullest Potential Via Cloud and Infrastructure Modernization

July 17, 2018 Adrian Romo

Organizations face many challenges today as they try to serve their customers, shareholders, or constituents and bring innovation to the marketplace. Mergers and acquisitions are common in a fast-moving economy, and leaders are looking for quick integration wins in weeks, not months, to start achieving synergy. In IT, capital expenditures are cyclical but don’t always […]