Workplace Join for Down-level Devices Leveraging Azure AD SSO

April 16, 2018 Chris Zayas

In January 2018, Microsoft made the Azure Active Directory Seamless Single Sign-On feature globally available. You may be saying to yourself, “That’s great – but Single Sign-On (SSO) is not a requirement or feature I’m currently exploring for implementation.” That’s fine, but did you know you can leverage this feature to successfully complete Workplace Join […]

3 Bad Continuous Integration Smells Part 2: Multiple Builds in the Pipeline

April 11, 2018 Eric Woods

In the last blog post in this series I reviewed one of the common shortcomings immediately seen when companies ask us to evaluate their continuous integration (CI) practices—manually invoking the build. This time, I’ll review another “smell” I’ve encountered that can reduce the velocity and quality of your team’s output, and I’ll offer specific suggestions […]

Deploying a Node.js Web App on Azure

April 10, 2018 Aaron Wolin

Azure has grown as a cloud services provider in the recent years, rivaling AWS and increasing its 2017 revenue by 97% year-over-year. Azure’s expansion has brought rise to using the Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings outside of traditional Microsoft-associated frameworks like .NET, in part because their documentation provides quick-start tutorials for using the PaaS […]

How to Deploy Sitecore to Azure Part 2: Creating Payloads

April 4, 2018 Christian Caicedo

This four-part blog series is exploring how to deploy a local Sitecore instance to Azure. We’ve already covered setting up your environment. In this section, we’ll explore how to create your payloads. Creating Your First Payload Because we are deploying an XP3 instance, we need to create a payload for each individual role. Let’s start […]

Power BI DirectQuery: Automatically Refresh Less Than Every 15 Minutes

April 3, 2018 Bryan Plantes

Power BI is an extremely user friendly and flexible analytics, reporting, and dashboarding tool. In the past two years, I’ve witnessed the massive adoption of Power BI by my clients and in the marketplace, often replacing more expensive tools due to its ease of use and low barrier to entry. Project Challenge As with any […]

Introduction to Microsoft Machine Learning Tools

Rajesh Rao

In a recent Credera blog post, John Franks discussed the basic concepts necessary to understand machine learning (ML). Once an organization understands these principles and decides that ML is worth investing in, the next logical progression is creating a vision for ML and a corresponding implementation plan. One of the first steps in that process […]

Mapping Domain & Data Transfer Objects in Spring Boot With MapStruct

April 2, 2018 Fernando Berrios

In a recent project, I needed to map a series of Java model objects that were mostly similar but had to be kept separate (data transfer object, domain object, API response object). In the past, I’ve had plenty of success using ModelMapper, but after attempting some complex mappings and getting frustrated with runtime exceptions due […]

Determining the Right Approach to Azure Network Security

March 26, 2018 Bryan Sakowski

Organizations today face critical decisions when choosing how to protect their cloud applications and data. As architects and developers, we strive to design for optimal security when building in Azure. With applications running on Azure VMs (IaaS) or Azure App Service (PaaS), a key decision that often comes up is how to secure client access […]

11 Tips for New College Grads in the Corporate World

March 23, 2018 Evan Westermann

What type of healthcare should I choose? How do I build my professional network? How much should I put into my 401K and HSA? What is the most appropriate attire to wear to a client site? These were all questions I did not have the answer to when I started working at Credera this past […]

Teaching Computer Science to Elementary Students in Dallas

March 21, 2018 Justin Munn

Hour of Code is a worldwide movement to introduce computer science to students of all ages. Every year, people around the globe organize events to teach students the basics of programming. We recently had the opportunity to lead our own Hour of Code session at Ferris Intermediate School. The school reworked its entire schedule so […]