Credera Employees Compete in AT&T Business Hackathon with Magic Leap: 5G & Spatial Computing

October 15, 2019 Josh Hamit

Several Credera employees recently participated in the AT&T Business Hackathon to ideate projects that haven’t existed until now. The prompt? Solve a real business case using some of the latest XR technology by merging digital imagination with the physical world. The Credera team decided to tackle how these new technologies could help those with Alzheimer’s. […]

Five Essential Qualities for Managerial Success

October 14, 2019 Jenna Swinney

According to Gallup’s most recent State of the American Workplace report, 70% of people in management roles are not well equipped for their job. This is concerning given the incredible impact a manager can have on their employees. As I grow in my career, I want to ensure I am taking the steps to not […]

Treading New Ground: Introducing Credera’s New Technology Bootcamp

October 4, 2019 Alex Kaiser

This summer, seven new hires had the opportunity to participate in the first Credera Bootcamp, hosted and operated by Credera’s Open Technology Solutions (OTS) Practice. The bootcamp’s goal is to support the professional development of those interested in pursuing a career in technology consulting with Credera but do not have a computer science or similarly […]

Four Tips for Effective Daily Scrums

September 25, 2019 Danny Acuna

The daily scrum is probably the simplest of all the scrum ceremonies to hold, but perhaps the hardest from which to get the most value. During this event, you are looking to answer three simple but crucial questions: What did you do yesterday? What are you doing today? Do you have any roadblocks? The mechanics […]

Navigating Artificial Intelligence and GDPR Compliance

September 12, 2019 Shawnasty Bankovich

The nature of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) require large amounts of data to produce accurate results. AI and ML are revolutionizing how we interact with data and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is regulating what that interaction is allowed to look like. In this post, I will address why AI and […]

Culture Matters: 3 Truths from an Intern’s Perspective

September 4, 2019 Curtis Harrison

My name is Curtis Harrison, and I had the opportunity to intern at Credera in the Open Technology Practice (OTS) this summer. I was particularly drawn to Credera during the application and interview process because of the firm’s emphasis on creating a strong culture. I have been passionate about culture and team development for years, and I was excited to see the concrete […]

A Starter Guide to Swagger

September 3, 2019 Cody Leuschner

As many developers know, the most tedious part of writing good code is often documentation. During development, your code’s design is always in flux, so maintaining documentation throughout a project can feel like wasted effort. This leads many developers to document only the foundational layer of their application (e.g., “This is a Spring Boot application; […]

Svelte: Is This Next-Generation JavaScript Framework Production-Ready?

August 29, 2019 Michael Gyarmathy

The selection of technologies available to build web applications is constantly evolving and ever-changing. It seems as if every other month there is a shiny new framework that has caught the JavaScript community’s attention. Most of these trends spark up and fizzle out quickly, but occasionally you’ll come across something that has people asking, “Is […]

A Developer’s Guide to Salesforce: DX and CI/CD

August 21, 2019 Amanda Dunham

The Problem: Continuous Integration and Deployment Previously in this blog series, we discussed how DX improves custom Apex development and how it helps manage changes in source of truth. In our final installment, we will combine these features to discuss how DX changed the Salesforce deployment lifecycle. Salesforce has historically relied on change sets to […]

Zombies, Running, and Agile: How to Accomplish Your Goals While Keeping Your Brain Happy

August 16, 2019 James Darling

Recently, I faced the age-old problem of trying to get into the habit of running without quitting a week or two into training. I’ve tried for years to build up a running routine, and it always fell by the wayside when things got busy. Then I was introduced to the Zombies, Run! app by fellow […]