Transforming Everyday Business Through Technology Enablement

July 5, 2019 Dustin Talk

Every business is facing disruption today, and few executives would argue against the need for digital transformation to remain competitive. In a 2017 survey of U.S. companies over $1 billion in revenue, 87% of leaders said they have transformation projects planned or underway. These efforts typically focus on: Developing new business models. Building online or […]

Lessons Learned From Prototyping With Augmented Reality and Machine Learning

June 20, 2019 Sam Wilson

A few months ago, we had a meeting with the AR/VR Special Interest Group at Credera to discuss potential projects that could be relevant for our clients. While we recognized that a typical enterprise use case for augmented reality (AR) is displaying a virtual catalog in the user’s space, we wanted to do something different. […]

OTS Stories: Micah Blalock Shares His Path from Music to Technology

June 13, 2019 Sarah Bruner

Credera’s Open Technology Solutions (OTS) Practice is filled with technology experts who come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. This group focuses on building custom software solutions and integrations for our clients leveraging open source technologies including Spring Framework, AngularJS, React, Elastic Search, Redis, Spark, Kafka, AWS, and Azure. Programming languages they frequently use include Java, […]

TypeScript: Adding Custom Type Definitions for Existing Libraries

May 30, 2019 Jose Gonzalez

One of the biggest pain points I’ve faced with TypeScript is using it in strict mode (without disabling several warnings and errors) while using external library dependencies in my project. Whether or not a library has type definitions is a big factor in deciding whether I’ll use it. You can find the type definitions for […]

Using RxJS switchMap With Angular 7 Reactive Forms to Cancel Pending Requests

May 24, 2019 Rachel Slayter

Angular 7 is a popular web framework that provides a rich feature set including built-in components for reactive forms and RxJS observables. The combination of these two components enables powerful real-time form validation and typeahead search capabilities with a seamless user experience. I ran into a problem on an Angular 7 project recently that had […]

Data Integrity Series: Understanding Data Quality

May 7, 2019 Bobby Pennington

Enterprise data is one of the most critical assets a company owns. Yet many organizations treat data as an afterthought, rather than a strategic advantage that can create a close-knit relationship between technology, business users, and customer experiences. For companies that look to leverage data as a competitive advantage, focusing on data integrity is often […]

Finally Ready to Migrate to Exchange Online? Here Are Three Issues to Avoid

April 29, 2019 Ahmad Fakhri

In today’s cloud-based world, chances are your current IT department is working on integrating a cloud-based service into your current email infrastructure. With the low cost, low maintenance, and highly scalable cloud offerings available, it makes technical and financial sense to offload the burden of maintaining an on-premise email solution. One of those cloud offerings […]

There Is No Zuul, Only Eureka: Zero-Touch Zuul Routing

April 23, 2019 Taylor Gregston

This article assumes working knowledge of Netflix’s Eureka and Zuul, specifically Spring Cloud’s implementation. In the DevOps world, one thing we can do to make our lives easier is reduce application, infrastructure, and operational coupling in order to provide maximal flexibility to deploy and evolve individual components of our architecture. Consider a typical service discovery […]

So, You Want to Be a Software Architect: Steps to Start & Ensure a Successful Career

April 18, 2019 Aaron Murrell

My own journey as an architect started 14 years ago, four years into my career as a junior software developer. I was fortunate enough to have landed a job right out of school actually writing code instead of just testing code, which was at the time the more common starting point for new college grads. […]

Creating an Aging Report Using a User-Selected Date in Power BI

April 16, 2019 Christopher Collier

In today’s modern reporting landscape, there is an expectation of the business users we serve: Self-service of any and all information, for whatever time period, efficiently and in real-time. Now, as we (the builders of business intelligence solutions) know, this is a high bar to achieve. In a recent Power BI blog post, I outlined […]