How to Build Rolling Date Periods in PowerBI

January 11, 2018 Andrew Foreman

Microsoft has done an excellent job developing PowerBI to be straightforward, enabling everyone from business analysts to data visualization experts to build compelling stories with their data. It is this accessibility that has positioned them well as a market leader in the data visualization space, even as a relative latecomer to market. That being said, […]

Crypto Anchoring Your AWS Environment Using CloudHSM

December 1, 2017 Will Pittman

It is time to accept the difficult truth that no environment is immune to determined hackers eager to get their hands on whatever data they can. What is worse, security strategies have become a cat-and-mouse game. As the technology and methods used to prevent breaches improve, so do the methods and technology attackers use to […]

Configuring Azure Application Gateway With PowerShell

November 17, 2017 JW Walton

Microsoft Azure Application Gateway is a Layer 7 application delivery controller (ADC) offered as a service in Azure. It provides load balancing, SSL termination, end-to-end SSL, URL path-based routing, and basic web application firewall (WAF) functionality. In a previous blog post, I addressed the question “Is Azure Application Gateway a Good Fit for My Application?” […]

The 5 Drivers of an Analytical Competitor

November 13, 2017 Bobby Pennington

What if I told you that five companies have a combined market value equal to the GDP of France? If you guessed that I’m referring to the notorious FAANG stocks, you’d be right. The success of Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google (now Alphabet) is no secret, so their market value of $2.4 trillion shouldn’t […]

Apple Business Chat Real Life Use Cases

November 10, 2017 Kyle Andrews

This year at WWDC 2017, Apple announced the developer preview of Business Chat: a new, deeply integrated way to communicate with your iOS users. While chatting with customers is not a new idea, Apple’s Business Chat carries an aura of a powerful, unique tool that can be custom tailored to enhance an industry user experience. […]

Getting Started With Azure, Part 1: 7 Questions I Wish I Knew the Answer to Before Getting Started With Microsoft Azure

November 3, 2017 Ellen Honganen

As consultants in the Microsoft Solutions Practice, Hanna and I have Azure subscriptions with monthly credits to play around in our Azure sandbox. But because we were fresh college graduates, we didn’t have a lot of experience using Azure. We had a lot of questions: What if we go over our $150 credit limit? How […]

Using Design for Test Principles to Write High Quality Tests

November 1, 2017 Christian Caicedo

Have you ever made changes to your code, ran your unit tests, and deploy only to find it breaks unexpectedly? “But my unit tests pass!” you cry in despair, yet the reasons why elude you. Situations like these can be avoided by following Design for Test (DFT) principles that help us not only make sure […]

Using Feature Toggles to Reduce the Friction of Change

October 27, 2017 Ken Schlobohm

Sometimes referred to as feature toggles, feature flippers, or feature flags, these terms all represent the same idea. We’re just talking about the ability to turn things on and off. While this seems simple, it can be quite liberating when a team starts using this approach to reduce the friction of adding new features to […]

Creating Better Code With Source Quality Approach

October 26, 2017 James Darling

The Pareto Principle states that 80% of your problems are derived from 20% of your causes. In other words, a small handful of factors decide the vast majority of outcomes. In software development projects, one particular factor costs teams massive amounts of time, money, and energy: bugs. Many sources approximate that the average development project […]

Making WDS and SCCM PXE-Initiated Deployments Coexist

October 23, 2017 Sean Nixon

Do you want to use System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) to image computers over the network? Configuring SCCM for Preboot Execution Environment (PXE)-initiated deployments is a matter of enabling PXE support on the distribution points and creating and distributing a PXE-enabled boot image. But what if you are already using Windows Deployment Services (WDS) in […]