Xcode 9: Hands on Impressions From WWDC 2017

June 27, 2017 Kyle Andrews

With WWDC wrapped up last week in San Jose, developers everywhere are digging through the pile of new toys “tools” released by Apple. While some are rewriting their budget to allow for that new iMac Pro or HomePod to fill that empty space at home, I’m still staring longingly into new Xcode 9, shedding happy […]

Analyzing and Optimizing Your JVM’s Garbage Collection

November 14, 2016 Aaron Wolin

Java provides many out-of-the box properties for configuring the JVM, especially in the areas of memory management and garbage collection (GC). By tweaking the default JVM garbage collection settings, Credera was able to support a scalable Docker eCommerce web application where each image could handle 3,500 requests per minute with less than 1% CPU time […]

Solving Logical Business Problems Using Prolog: Part four

November 8, 2016 Micah Jones

In part three of this series, we presented a Prolog program to schedule employee assignments given a large collection of constraints. In this part, we will show how to run that program and then process its results from within a Java code environment. We will continue to use SWI-Prolog, which comes with a useful set […]

Enabling Data-Driven Decisions using SharePoint, Chatbots, and PowerBI

October 25, 2016 Levi Fuller

Data is growing at a commanding pace and our ability to compete hinges upon taking advantage of creative and innovative ways to analyze and respond to trends in real-time. In the past, accomplishing tasks within SharePoint required us to navigate between multiple sites and traverse a convoluted system in order to retrieve information and take […]

Solving Logical Business Problems Using Prolog: Part Three

October 24, 2016 Micah Jones

In part one of this series, we reviewed the basics of Prolog programming. In part two, we learned about Constraint Logic Programming (CLP). In this part, we will use the knowledge we’ve gained in a program that automatically schedules employee assignments. You can download the full program from GitHub. To run it, load it into […]

Hybrid Cloud Networking With Cisco’s CSR 1000v

September 27, 2016 Bryan Sakowski

In several recent discussions about hybrid cloud deployments, the issue of flexibility in network configuration has come up. How do you address distributed site access, stringent security requirements, or simply the lack of company standard configurations when connecting to cloud provider networks? Two of the largest cloud providers, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, […]

Solving Logical Business Problems Using Prolog: Part One

September 21, 2016 Micah Jones

Software development problems in business frequently involve some form of data management. At a basic level, that might be tracking simple things like sales or inventory quantities. At a more complex level, business needs may include effective scheduling, resource distribution, delivery routing, metrics gathering and analysis, and simulation. These can be highly logical problems, necessitating […]

Tales of an Internet Explorer: Controller Instantiation

August 31, 2016 Kelleigh Maroney

Previously in this blog series I have discussed a few Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) quirks, including form submission and Bootstrap accordions. This time I’ll be addressing a different problem child: Internet Explorer 11 (IE11). Recently I came across an issue where my application was not instantiating one of my JavaScript controllers. I couldn’t for the […]

Tales of an Internet Explorer: Accordions

August 25, 2016 Kelleigh Maroney

In my last blog post I discussed how to implement form submission so that even Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) would work. This time I’ll discuss accordions. Using libraries such as Bootstrap is fairly routine when working on web applications. Bootstrap is one of the most common libraries. It implements several basic and useful components, such […]

Announcing Credera Cup Season Two!

August 18, 2016 Joshua Casey

We’re excited to announce that season two of Credera Cup is live. Credera Cup is a Formula 1 race car simulation game set up as a series of progressively difficult programming challenges. We’ve upped the ante this season by adding more configuration options for your race car to handle changing weather and track conditions. A […]