Spring MVC Custom Property Editors

January 22, 2009 AJ Angus

From my experience, one of the initially frustrating things in Spring MVC was figuring out how to use a Property Editor correctly. The idea is simple. You want to be able to convert back and forth between Java objects and their String representations. For example, let’s say you are making an internal website for a […]

Using FFMpeg to Encode Movies for the iPhone

December 30, 2008 Vikalp Jain

FFmpeg (http://www.ffmpeg.org/) is a great tool for encoding movies in any format and works nicely for encoding movies for the iPhone. The main issue we ran into was finding the right parameters for FFMpeg. As is the case with most open source projects, the documentation for FFMpeg is sparse. From Apple’s documentation we knew the […]

DivX Component for QuickTime not compatible with iPhone Simulator

Vikalp Jain

If you updated your iPhone SDK to 2.2 and find that movies no longer play in the iPhone Simulator, it is probably because of the QuickTime DivX component. With the most recent SDK (2.2) this particular component is incompatible with the iPhone Movie Player. You will likely see a message like: [code lang=”objc”]Error loading /Library/QuickTime/DivX […]

Chaining Spring View Resolvers

December 12, 2008 Kenny Rosenberg

Take this example of chaining view resolvers: [code lang=”xml”] [/code] And this views.xml: [code lang=”xml”] [/code] This should evaluate each view through the XmlViewResolver, then default back to the UrlBasedViewResolver if the XmlViewResolver does not find a view. Now, let’s say we have the following tiles definition: [code lang=”xml”] [/code] Looks pretty good. Now, what […]

Custom Sharepoint Theme

Sterling Jameson

Creating a new SharePoint theme is a fairly straightforward process. You can entirely leverage the existing themes as a foundation on which to begin constructing your own. To make a new theme, simply follow these steps: Navigate to the themes folder: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\TEMPLATE\THEMES. Make your own theme named “EXAMPLE” by copy/pasting […]

The Quickest Way to Get a Robust Java Application Running

Blair Fetzer

When developing an open source Java based web application there is frequently a great deal of work involved just to get your environment up and running. First of all the tools need to be selected, based on your requirements and preferences. At a minimum a robust website will require a place to store data (likely […]

Provisioning Profiles on the iPhone

December 10, 2008 Vikalp Jain

Setting up XCode correctly with the provisioning profiles turns out to be more difficult that it ought to be. The most confusing aspect is that the configuration settings need to be identical for both the project and the target. To get to the project level settings you would right click on the project and select […]

New Google Reader theme is hard on the eyes

Ryan Smith

In an effort to simplify the UI (and corresponding HTML) for Google Reader, Google has stripped it down a bit.  Much of the rounded corners and shading are gone, and rendering performance is improved.  (More details on the official Google Reader Blog.) But why is it that typography and colors took a back seat in […]