Svelte: Is This Next-Generation JavaScript Framework Production-Ready?

August 29, 2019 Michael Gyarmathy

The selection of technologies available to build web applications is constantly evolving and ever-changing. It seems as if every other month there is a shiny new framework that has caught the JavaScript community’s attention. Most of these trends spark up and fizzle out quickly, but occasionally you’ll come across something that has people asking, “Is […]

Analyzing and Optimizing Your JVM’s Garbage Collection

November 14, 2016 Aaron Wolin

Java provides many out-of-the box properties for configuring the JVM, especially in the areas of memory management and garbage collection (GC). By tweaking the default JVM garbage collection settings, Credera was able to support a scalable Docker eCommerce web application where each image could handle 3,500 requests per minute with less than 1% CPU time […]

Solving Logical Business Problems Using Prolog: Part four

November 8, 2016 Micah Jones

In part three of this series, we presented a Prolog program to schedule employee assignments given a large collection of constraints. In this part, we will show how to run that program and then process its results from within a Java code environment. We will continue to use SWI-Prolog, which comes with a useful set […]

OpenGive: Hacking for the Community

November 2, 2016 Allison Kingsley

“The more you give, the more you want to give. Generosity is contagious.” This quote was exemplified this past weekend at the Houston Food Bank Conference Center as a group of volunteers gathered to perform a different kind of service project than the building was used to hosting. This group was there to hack—to hack […]

Solving Logical Business Problems Using Prolog: Part Three

October 24, 2016 Micah Jones

In part one of this series, we reviewed the basics of Prolog programming. In part two, we learned about Constraint Logic Programming (CLP). In this part, we will use the knowledge we’ve gained in a program that automatically schedules employee assignments. You can download the full program from GitHub. To run it, load it into […]

Tailoring JavaAgent Setup for Microservice Applications

October 20, 2016 Christopher Blewett

During a recent client engagement, our team was asked to configure our Java microservice distributed web application to run with a third-party monitoring service. We set about defining and executing the solution to their challenge. Here’s how we did it. Problem As mentioned above, the application we were building uses Java with a microservice architectural […]

Solving Logical Business Problems Using Prolog: Part Two

October 11, 2016 Micah Jones

In part one of this series, we were introduced to the Prolog language. In this part, we will look at an extremely useful programming tool called Constraint Logic Programming (CLP). In CLP, we declaratively provide a set of logical and/or arithmetic constraints, and then let a solving engine infer all possible values that fit those […]

Digital Security is Everyone’s Responsibility

September 22, 2016 John Jacobs

Digital security received a lot of media coverage recently. From the Target incident in 2013 to the San Bernardino iPhone controversy earlier this year, people are concerned about protecting their sensitive data and they want to know who has access to it. Some have called this “The Summer of the Hacker.” If you develop software […]

Using Scala Implicits with JDBC Prepared Statements

September 19, 2016 Alex Krogel

This article discusses the use of Scala’s implicit conversions to add a more functional feel to database access using Prepared Statements. This article assumes you have a working knowledge of Scala and Scala implicits, and some knowledge of Java’s PreparedStatement and Spring Framework’s JdbcTemplate. I begin by making a SELECT statement against a SQL database. […]

Announcing Credera Cup Season Two!

August 18, 2016 Joshua Casey

We’re excited to announce that season two of Credera Cup is live. Credera Cup is a Formula 1 race car simulation game set up as a series of progressively difficult programming challenges. We’ve upped the ante this season by adding more configuration options for your race car to handle changing weather and track conditions. A […]