Enabling Data-Driven Decisions using SharePoint, Chatbots, and PowerBI

October 25, 2016 Levi Fuller

Data is growing at a commanding pace and our ability to compete hinges upon taking advantage of creative and innovative ways to analyze and respond to trends in real-time. In the past, accomplishing tasks within SharePoint required us to navigate between multiple sites and traverse a convoluted system in order to retrieve information and take […]

Using Cortana, Power BI, and SharePoint to Make Data-Driven Decisions

April 25, 2016 Bryan Plantes

Your organization is constantly faced with new challenges. What new product lines are going to be your next best dollar of investment? Where are your customers located, and where would be the next best region to put a brick and mortar location? Let’s face it—most of us haven’t made decisions like this before. And if […]

SharePoint 2013 Online: Accessing User Profile Properties in a Designer Workflow

April 14, 2016 Austin Christenberry

Although the ability to access user profile fields in a SharePoint Designer Workflow was an out-of-the-box feature in the 2010 version, it is not nearly as simple in 2013. The process isn’t actually that complicated, but the development process can be painful unless you know exactly what to do. This post will detail the necessary […]

Using CSOM to Import CSV Files Into Lists in Office 365/SharePoint Online

April 13, 2016 Austin Christenberry

While working on a recent project, I needed to import a large Excel spreadsheet into a custom list in SharePoint Online. Microsoft provides the Import Spreadsheet add-in for this purpose—this will allow you to create a new list with each item corresponding to an Excel record. However, the spreadsheet I needed to import included columns […]

SharePoint and Claims-Based Authentication

April 7, 2016 Jeff Hewitt

I was asked recently to explore the possibility of external authentication with SharePoint – meaning have SharePoint source its security from an external token service. I was hoping that external provider integration would be easy, but unfortunately it wasn’t. I ran across several blog posts, which provided a step-by-step approach for achieving the security configuration […]

SharePoint 2016: Not Your Father’s Intranet Portal

April 6, 2016 Chris Griswold

OK, let’s face it: There are many, many people out there from organizations big and small who love to hate SharePoint. Most of them had a really bad experience with a very poorly implemented intranet portal running on MOSS or SharePoint 2007.  And, like most technology, there is no forgiveness for bad software (Windows Vista…).  […]

Credera to Present at SharePoint TechFest 2016 on Leveraging Cortana, SharePoint and Power BI

March 22, 2016 Morgan Eseke

Credera is proud to sponsor the 8th annual SharePoint TechFest Dallas. SharePoint TechFest will be held at the Irving Convention Center in Irving, TX on April 6, 2016. This one-day conference is the largest SharePoint conference in the Central Region of the United States. This year’s 25 compelling break-out sessions will focus on converging Azure, […]

Edward Snowden, SharePoint, and Security

April 27, 2015 Jesus Salazar

In June of 2013, Edward Snowden used his system administrator privileges to access, download, and distribute thousands of highly classified NSA documents to several media outlets all over the world, making him the most infamous rogue system administrator in recent history. What a lot of people don’t know is that these documents were living in […]

SharePoint 2013 Information Architecture Part 5: Collaboration Sites

April 20, 2015 Matthew Riedel

In the previous post in this series, we discussed a few of the most common challenges with publishing portals and explained the best approaches to overcome them. When dealing with collaboration sites, we have different challenges, so we cannot simply apply the same techniques for publishing portals. In the fifth and final article in this […]

SharePoint 2013 Information Architecture Part 4: Publishing Portals

April 16, 2015 Matthew Riedel

In the previous post in this blog series, we discussed the differences between publishing portals and collaboration sites at a high level. SharePoint handles publishing content very well; however, without a strong information architecture (IA) structure, users can easily get lost in all the information, rendering it useless. In this blog post, we will take […]