Leveraging Times of Change to Reassess Content Approval Processes in Regulated Industries

August 6, 2020 Sayli Kulkarni

Every industry feels the need to communicate clearly and quickly with customers. However, companies in regulated industries such as Pharmaceuticals and Financial Services must deal with additional processes that make this even more challenging. The Pharma industry in particular must follow rigorous processes to approve and distribute marketing messages. While digital technologies provide additional avenues […]

Process Automation Strategy: Not Just a Means to an End

August 4, 2020 Dana Smith

“It is sadly not unlikely that we could be into the early 2030s before we see the unemployment rate return to its pre-COVID level.” — Phillip Jordan, The Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation at Harvard Phillip Jordan is a nonresident fellow at the Ash Center of Democratic Governance and Innovation at the Harvard […]

Credera’s MarTech Reference Architecture Part 2: Consent Management & Data Privacy

July 28, 2020 Phillip Jones

The process of data-driven marketing is built on a foundation of secure data, adhering to all relevant privacy and compliance considerations by obtaining customer consent and respecting customer preferences. As we kick off our overview of Credera’s MarTech Reference Architecture, we will start by reviewing this foundational piece of the MarTech puzzle: consent management and […]

How to Be a Scrum Master: 5 Tips for Success

July 23, 2020 Hannah Falkenberg

Have you ever found yourself sandwiched between demanding stakeholders, a frustrated development team, a tight deadline, or a long list of new high priority requests? Learning how to become a successful scrum master can help you overcome the chaos and deliver outstanding results. Scrum masters manage agile delivery teams to quickly iterate on development, pivot […]

COVID-19 Communication in the Travel Industry

July 14, 2020 Christian Buechel

Customers need to feel safe engaging with your brand. This means different things for various industries, but it is especially important in the travel and hospitality industry, one of the hardest hit in during the pandemic. In a previous article, we laid out a Now, Next, Future framework to help companies react, respond, and plan […]

Credera’s MarTech Reference Architecture Part 1: An Overview of How It Works

Chris Griswold

Technology exists to optimize and automate complex or manual tasks, and the business of marketing is no doubt, complex. For marketers, this is where marketing technology, or “MarTech,” comes in. MarTech is the set of tools needed to activate customer data and content to enable more personalized and meaningful customer experiences at scale. However, if […]

How COVID-19 Changed the Fitness Industry: Recommendations to React, Respond, and Plan

July 2, 2020 Dana Smith

The global fitness industry is a competitive and populated market generating more than $80 billion per year in revenue. Boutique fitness brands compose upwards of 40% of the market and are growing at exponential rates. Boutique customers pay twice as much per month as consumers of big gyms such as Planet Fitness and Crunch. In […]

6 Bad Behaviors That Will Stunt Successful Leaders

June 18, 2020 Raul Cevallos

When a friend of mine was promoted to a leadership position, he asked if I had any advice for him. I shared this tip that I wish someone would have shared with me 20 years ago: “When you take on a new role, make sure to let go of your old role as well.” I […]

Optimizing Your Marketing ROI: Investing with Confidence in Uncertain Times

June 16, 2020 Grace Lee

As of late, uncertainty seems to be the only variable we can count on as COVID-19 reshapes expectations, norms and spending patterns. As we all make adjustments in our personal and professional lives, businesses likewise must adapt in order to survive. In a time when the terms “uncertain times” and “new normal” have become deeply […]

Post-COVID-19 Strategy: Accelerate into the Future

June 15, 2020 Gail Stout Perry

There’s no doubt about it, the last few months have brought on unprecedented changes on a global scale. What did we even talk about before COVID-19? Rarely are we faced with such a monumental issue that the entire world has to put their best minds together to solve a communal problem. While we have never […]