Women’s Foodservice Forum (WFF) Partners With Credera

May 12, 2020 Nickoria Johnson

Women’s Foodservice Forum (WFF) is a prominent research, advocacy, and leadership development organization dedicated to accelerating the advancement of women throughout the food industry. WFF initially engaged Credera to create a new digital portal to provide its members and partners with limitless connection and development opportunities. This portal would equip WFF to leverage digital content […]

Restaurants in the Age of COVID-19: How to Accelerate Curbside & Delivery

April 9, 2020 Justin Wilson

COVID-19 has changed how Americans are shopping and dining. As of April 2020, half of the U.S. population has been asked to self-quarantine to combat the spread of COVID-19. This social distancing has produced a new surge in curbside and delivery services with pressure on grocers, big box, and online retail to comply with municipal […]

The Power of Prioritization

April 7, 2020 Jake Carter

Earlier this week I did an interview for a second-year MBA student researching the challenges companies face when it comes to innovation. I argued that companies tend to see similar challenges (see my article on avoiding common innovation pitfalls)—and one of the most common is deciding which potential new innovations to pursue. More than a […]

How Direct-to-Consumer Is Shaking Up Traditional Retail Models

March 3, 2020 Peter Yobo

Perhaps you’ve noticed there have been some major shifts in the way consumers shop over the past 10 years. Maybe you have been one of the millions who purchased a Harry’s or Dollar Shave Club razor, a pair of Allbirds shoes or Warby Parker glasses, maybe a HelloFresh meal kit, or a StitchFix box—all without […]

Three Steps to Prioritize Your Product Growth Initiatives

December 3, 2019 Jared Pelley

As customers expect more from products and services and internal stakeholders demand returns from product teams, it’s critical to effectively leverage your resources to maximize the value of your product or service. And while oversight of one product can feel challenging enough, what about when your organization grows and you find yourself managing a portfolio […]

6 Things to Remember When Bringing a Product to Market

May 2, 2019 Rachel West

As many as 95% of new consumer products fail, according to Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen. Given the odds stacked against success, product owners should do everything they can to maximize the potential for a successful product release. Below are six things we’ve learned based on our experience working with companies on product design, development, and release.  […]

Avoiding Common Innovation Pitfalls

May 8, 2018 Jake Carter

Innovation is hard. Repeated innovation is even harder. Success depends on a staggering number of factors, among them whether there is a real market need, whether users will adopt the new innovation, and whether users will pay. Even setting aside external considerations, there are still a large number of internal questions to answer: Are you […]

One Step at a Time: A Phased Approach to Product Planning and Design

March 13, 2018 Danielle Jones

“That feature sounds great! Let’s add it to the product!” As the project manager, I sat in shock. There was no analysis, feature scoping, or budget conversation to support the decision. In fact, I was sure the feature would have a negative ROI. We were building the feature just because it was “a cool idea.” […]

Overcoming Mobile Development Challenges for Consumer Apps

February 26, 2018 Eric Woods

Picture this: Your team just successfully launched the company’s new mobile app, and you’re having a great week so far. The analytics dashboard is buzzing along with steadily climbing stats showing high engagement, increasing active users, and positive reviews. Life is good! Then you’re called into an emergency meeting. A security flaw has been discovered […]

Using Design for Test Principles to Write High Quality Tests

November 1, 2017 Christian Caicedo

Have you ever made changes to your code, ran your unit tests, and deploy only to find it breaks unexpectedly? “But my unit tests pass!” you cry in despair, yet the reasons why elude you. Situations like these can be avoided by following Design for Test (DFT) principles that help us not only make sure […]