The Power of Prioritization

April 7, 2020 Jake Carter

Earlier this week I did an interview for a second-year MBA student researching the challenges companies face when it comes to innovation. I argued that companies tend to see similar challenges (see my article on avoiding common innovation pitfalls)—and one of the most common is deciding which potential new innovations to pursue. More than a […]

Innovation in Recession: How to Use Ideation and Acquisition to Rise Above Economic Uncertainty

April 6, 2020 Cameron Weinert

Uncertainty in the market due to COVID-19 and the impending recession has led companies to look at their business in a short-term view to ensure longevity. In fact, 72% of executives tend to focus on cost reduction during a recession. However, we believe the 50% of surveyed executives focusing on innovation such as market share […]

Why DTC Investments Make Sense During the COVID-19 Crisis

March 27, 2020 Peter Yobo

We are in a time of immense uncertainty. This global change is unlike anything most of us have seen in our lifetime. The ambiguity around the COVID-19 crisis leaves us wondering not only how we are going to endure this crisis, but what we need to prepare for the world post-pandemic. One thing is certain […]

Six Disruptive Technologies COVID-19 May Accelerate

March 20, 2020 Jake Carter

The spread of COVID-19 has created a new normal, at least temporarily. Businesses shuttering physical locations and sending staff and customers home has altered the daily patterns of millions in an effort to slow the spread of the virus. While the crisis is urgent and serious, the silver lining of the drastic actions being taken […]

A Culture of Innovation: Innovative Opportunities

March 12, 2020 Ally White

A culture conducive to innovation is not only good for a company’s bottom line, but also something that leaders and employees value in the workplace, shares Harvard Business Review. It’s easy to say you’re an innovative organization, but it’s another to demonstrate it for the world to see. Our culture of innovation at Credera is […]

Market Sizing: How to Address the Fog of Innovation

March 10, 2020 Cameron Weinert

Innovation can provide companies with the opportunity to create new products, and sometimes those new products even create new markets. This blank canvas provides excitement but also some anxiety around a crucial question: Is there even a market for this innovation opportunity? This question and those like it can cause innovation initiatives to stay in […]

How Direct-to-Consumer Is Shaking Up Traditional Retail Models

March 3, 2020 Peter Yobo

Perhaps you’ve noticed there have been some major shifts in the way consumers shop over the past 10 years. Maybe you have been one of the millions who purchased a Harry’s or Dollar Shave Club razor, a pair of Allbirds shoes or Warby Parker glasses, maybe a HelloFresh meal kit, or a StitchFix box—all without […]

Three Steps to Prioritize Your Product Growth Initiatives

December 3, 2019 Jared Pelley

As customers expect more from products and services and internal stakeholders demand returns from product teams, it’s critical to effectively leverage your resources to maximize the value of your product or service. And while oversight of one product can feel challenging enough, what about when your organization grows and you find yourself managing a portfolio […]

Understanding the Difference Between Minimum Viable Product, Proof of Concept, and Prototype

November 25, 2019 Josh Hamit

Many organizations interchangeably use the phrases “prototype,” “proof of concept,” and “minimum viable product.” For organizations renewing focus on innovation, this type of ambiguous language often leads to ambiguous goals—resulting in missed expectations and under-delivery. To avoid these pitfalls, we’ve found it helpful to use the following definitions for prototype, proof of concept, and minimum […]

The Unique Value that Research Brings to User Experience

November 8, 2019 Jake Carter

User experience (UX) research refers to the techniques, practices, and methodologies design teams use to deeply understand end users – their needs, wants, behaviors, and attitudes. User research is critical. When conducted upfront, UX research prevents teams from wasting time and resources building something, only to find out too late that it did not meet […]