Automating Web App Performance and Security on AWS

February 14, 2017 Bryan Sakowski

Making sure your web app is properly secured and performing quickly is a constant challenge. We frequently work with clients to address their unique requirements in this space. In a recent example, we turned to some efficient and cost-effective solutions to properly secure an app and even improve performance. The Problem As technologists, we have […]

OpenGive: Making a Hackathon App a Success

February 7, 2017 Scott Stevenson

This week I got to see a small OpenGive hackathon project make a big impact on the lives of thousands of kids. It was gratifying to see the positive reactions of people benefiting from something you’ve worked on rather than just reading the bug reports, which can feel like a list of failures. Like most […]

Credera Participates in Program to Provide Books for Thousands of Low-Income Families

February 1, 2017 Lauren King

HOUSTON– Our friends at the Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation (BBHLF) recently launched a new program that will give thousands of low-income children their very own home library. Through the My Home Library program, children create a wish list of books. Donors use the tool to sponsor a child for $30, providing their household with six new books. In […]

Mastering Scala: Understanding map and flatMap

January 3, 2017 Micah Jones

The Scala language excels at manipulating large, complex data structures in a multi-threaded environment. However, learning how to effectively perform such tasks requires a strong working knowledge of some of Scala’s most useful tools, including case classes, collections, pattern matching, Options, and Futures. When working with Scala data structures, we frequently find ourselves using functional […]

Creating a Dropdown Field in Swift for iOS

December 5, 2016 Zach Slayter

Recently, I was working on a native iOS app that needed a couple dropdowns added to a page. To my surprise, there was no native component that accomplished what I needed. Through a little bit of research, I found a commonly used method that would work for certain scenarios, but proved buggy and needlessly cluttered […]

Leveraging Bootstrap and a Living Style Guide to Easily Rebrand Your Web App

November 22, 2016 Austin Walker

  “Many have tried, but very few succeed.” That was the response I got from Senior Architect Cody Case when I told him about our plan. Three of us were going to take a client’s web application—an application written by 24 consultants over the course of two years that included 14,052 lines of HTML, 24,721 […]

Analyzing and Optimizing Your JVM’s Garbage Collection

November 14, 2016 Aaron Wolin

Java provides many out-of-the box properties for configuring the JVM, especially in the areas of memory management and garbage collection (GC). By tweaking the default JVM garbage collection settings, Credera was able to support a scalable Docker eCommerce web application where each image could handle 3,500 requests per minute with less than 1% CPU time […]

Solving Logical Business Problems Using Prolog: Part four

November 8, 2016 Micah Jones

In part three of this series, we presented a Prolog program to schedule employee assignments given a large collection of constraints. In this part, we will show how to run that program and then process its results from within a Java code environment. We will continue to use SWI-Prolog, which comes with a useful set […]

Join Credera For Microsoft Connect(); 2016 – Live Stream

November 7, 2016 Rick Petersen

  Join Credera for the Connect(); 2016 live stream to watch keynotes and deep dive technical sessions led by Executive Vice President Scott Guthrie, Principal Program Manager Scott Hanselman, and other industry innovators. The live broadcast will stream here on starting November 16th at 9:30am CST through November 17th. The broadcast will include interactive Q&A with Microsoft’s […]

OpenGive: Hacking for the Community

November 2, 2016 Allison Kingsley

“The more you give, the more you want to give. Generosity is contagious.” This quote was exemplified this past weekend at the Houston Food Bank Conference Center as a group of volunteers gathered to perform a different kind of service project than the building was used to hosting. This group was there to hack—to hack […]