What Is Design Thinking?

February 2, 2018 Jake Carter

In this document, What Is Design Thinking?, our team explores how better, more consistent innovation is produced through the iterative and user-focused process of design thinking. Leaders who embrace a mindset that combines empathy and experimentation become more effective problem-solvers. This mindset and the corresponding process for design thinking helps organizations create solutions that are better […]

Why EQ and IQ Alone May Not Be Enough

January 24, 2018 Derek Knudsen

Since coming to Credera I’ve had the opportunity to reach back into my network and re-connect with former clients and colleagues across North America. The most enjoyable part of this process for me has been learning about people’s professional journeys. It’s a topic I’ve grown very interested in as of late, given my own journey […]

6 Questions to Modernize Your Marketing Tools in 2018

January 22, 2018 Gabe Knapp

The job of chief marketing officers (CMOs) and marketers gets more complex with every new year. Over the last five years, the marketing tools landscape has gotten continuously more cluttered, growing from approximately 150 logos in 2011 to approximately 3,500 in 2016. That’s more than 20 times the growth in just five years! Meanwhile, the […]

A New Era of Customer Analytics

January 16, 2018 Greg Gough

Brand marketers must deal with an ever-increasing amount of data. The expanding data cache includes mobile, search, social engagement, brand awareness, campaign effectiveness, browse behavior, and website conversion. This data is often sliced and diced across campaigns, channels, product categories, and geographies. Ask any marketer about the ROI for their latest campaign and you’ll likely […]

Using Design for Test Principles to Write High Quality Tests

November 1, 2017 Christian Caicedo

Have you ever made changes to your code, ran your unit tests, and deploy only to find it breaks unexpectedly? “But my unit tests pass!” you cry in despair, yet the reasons why elude you. Situations like these can be avoided by following Design for Test (DFT) principles that help us not only make sure […]

The Roster: Vol. 2

October 30, 2017 Ally White

At Credera, we believe we’re truly better together. The Roster is a monthly series that allows you to get to know leaders at all levels across the firm. Andrew Stewart Principal, Analytics and Business Intelligence  Dallas, TX   Passions Outside of Work: I love running, cycling, golfing and playing tennis, but find myself on the […]

Fortune Magazine Names Credera a Best Medium Workplace 2017

October 18, 2017 Ally White

For the second consecutive year, Fortune has named Credera as one of the 100 Best Medium-Sized Companies to Work For in America. This award comes in addition to the firm’s certification as a Great Place to Work. “It’s an honor to receive an award like this that is given based on the trust and respect our employees feel […]

Houston: A Great Place To Work

October 13, 2017 Morgan Eseke

On October 12th, 2017 Credera was honored by The Houston Business Journal as a Best Place to Work. Credera’s Houston office was ranked #21 in the small company category. The Best Places to Work program highlights organizations in the Houston community that rank high in 10 core areas of employee engagement: teamwork, retention, alignment with goals, trust […]

The Seven-Star Design Principle

September 28, 2017 Ryan Chen

Recently I’ve been listening to a great podcast called Masters of Scale. Each episode highlights one CEO and their journey in scaling their company. My favorite episode is an interview with Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky. Listen to it here. The story of Airbnb is evidence that you can build a company around design thinking. In […]

Houston Strong

September 25, 2017 Morgan Eseke

Crederians have always been committed to investing in our local communities. Yet, when devastation and destruction strikes in our own backyard, it feels more personal. Credera’s Houston office is home to dozens of talented consultants and the city itself hosts many valued clients. The Credera family is eager to find ways to rally alongside our […]