Rest Is a Competitive Advantage

August 18, 2017 Adrian Romo

Have you ever needed your “A” game but not had it due to tiredness or fatigue? Do you find yourself losing steam in the afternoons or struggling to concentrate at work? Lately, I have realized I am in a constant cycle of incurring sleep debt and then paying it back. As an avid fan of […]

Family, Flexibility & Encouragement

July 20, 2017 Ally White

  When it comes to career fulfillment people often have different priorities. There are many aspects to consider when choosing an employer—from values fit, to management and the type of work, to location, compensation and work-life integration. Ultimately, it all comes down to what is most important to you. Are you taking the job because […]

From College to Consulting: Finding Purpose Through Vision

July 11, 2017 Monica Bischoff

You cannot focus. Everyone is talking. Their prying voices rise to a cacophony: “What are you doing after graduation?” “Where do you want to work?” “What is your GPA?” And then comes the moment when you are alone with yourself, and the question mercilessly intrudes on your thoughts: “What do I want?” The truth stares […]

So, what do you do?

July 3, 2017 Bobby Pennington

A few weeks ago, I was at dinner with some friends. As we were catching up, one of them turned to me and asked, “So, Bobby, what do you do?” This question seems to come up often when I run into old friends, so I responded with the simple answer I usually give: “I’m an […]

Xcode 9: Hands on Impressions From WWDC 2017

June 27, 2017 Kyle Andrews

With WWDC wrapped up last week in San Jose, developers everywhere are digging through the pile of new toys “tools” released by Apple. While some are rewriting their budget to allow for that new iMac Pro or HomePod to fill that empty space at home, I’m still staring longingly into new Xcode 9, shedding happy […]

Great Leaders are Lifelong Learners

June 21, 2017 Morgan Eseke

What challenges bring joy in my career? How do I give and receive feedback? How do I become more confident in my job? Who sets the standard? The Credera consultants in the video above answer these questions. These questions are part of becoming a leader. Learning and growing are intricately woven into our careers—regardless of […]

Company Trip 7.1

June 15, 2017 Josh Hamit

At Credera, we like to make goals. We set goals to continuously improve and push both ourselves and each other. We set daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, etc. Since goals are meant to stretch us, they’re aggressive and we don’t always hit them. But when we hit a goal, we celebrate. And when we […]

Know Your Client

June 7, 2017 Sriraj Kondapuli

I have always wondered what the word client meant. For some, a client is an organization. For others, it is just the place they go to work every day. For some, it is the entity that generates revenue, while for others it is a business partner that you chose to work with for mutual benefit. […]

Life at Credera: Taking Initiatives

May 31, 2017 John Zhang

Contributions by Emily Dunn, Michael Davis, Andrea Curo, and John Lutteringer After joining Credera, my definition of a leader was turned upside down. Credera creates an environment where we encourage one another to succeed and learn as much as possible. There is an adage, “A leader does not create followers, but a leader creates leaders.” […]

Azure AD B2C: A Directory Service for External Identity Providers

May 24, 2017 Sean Nixon

First there was Azure AD. Then there was Azure AD B2B. Now to the delight of all us acronym aficionados, there’s Azure AD B2C. Confused as to what that is? You’re in the right place. Azure AD B2C stands for Azure Active Directory Business-to-Consumer. Last year, Microsoft announced general availability and gave the green light […]