Great Leaders are Lifelong Learners

June 21, 2017 Morgan Eseke

What challenges bring joy in my career? How do I give and receive feedback? How do I become more confident in my job? Who sets the standard? The Credera consultants in the video above answer these questions. These questions are part of becoming a leader. Learning and growing are intricately woven into our careers—regardless of […]

Company Trip 7.1

June 15, 2017 Josh Hamit

At Credera, we like to make goals. We set goals to continuously improve and push both ourselves and each other. We set daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, etc. Since goals are meant to stretch us, they’re aggressive and we don’t always hit them. But when we hit a goal, we celebrate. And when we […]

Know Your Client

June 7, 2017 Sriraj Kondapuli

I have always wondered what the word client meant. For some, a client is an organization. For others, it is just the place they go to work every day. For some, it is the entity that generates revenue, while for others it is a business partner that you chose to work with for mutual benefit. […]

Life at Credera: Taking Initiatives

May 31, 2017 John Zhang

Contributions by Emily Dunn, Michael Davis, Andrea Curo, and John Lutteringer After joining Credera, my definition of a leader was turned upside down. Credera creates an environment where we encourage one another to succeed and learn as much as possible. There is an adage, “A leader does not create followers, but a leader creates leaders.” […]

Azure AD B2C: A Directory Service for External Identity Providers

May 24, 2017 Sean Nixon

First there was Azure AD. Then there was Azure AD B2B. Now to the delight of all us acronym aficionados, there’s Azure AD B2C. Confused as to what that is? You’re in the right place. Azure AD B2C stands for Azure Active Directory Business-to-Consumer. Last year, Microsoft announced general availability and gave the green light […]

Spring Fever: How Our Colorado Office Takes Advantage of Spring Weather

May 18, 2017 Patrick Alexander

Coloradans are notorious for their love of the outdoors. Even at the office, Colorado startups find ways to encourage employees to take advantage of the changing seasons. Whether it’s a team picnic in the mountains, a Friday outside with cold craft beers or a Saturday afternoon spent programming for a good cause, here’s how these […]

Video: Unlocking the Potential of SharePoint Online Through a Great User Experience

May 17, 2017 Briana Gentry

Microsoft continues to invest heavily in making SharePoint Online a critical component in today’s digital workplace. With the evolving nature of the digital workplace, user experience takes center stage. This includes the ability to work from anywhere on any device, creating a personalized experience, establishing an intelligent information architecture and implementing an appealing design. Some […]

Simulating Server Errors Using a Poisson Process

May 10, 2017 Kevin Wheeler

When a microservice generates errors, someone needs to look into it. But determining how many errors is worth notifying on-call staff is an overlooked decision. Instead of just guessing values, there’s a scientific way to determine the optimal threshold. The Challenge A previous client sent automated alerts to on-call staff when a microservice in their […]

Two Guys Walk Onto A Bus

May 3, 2017 Amber Wang

“Please forgive me for not responding sooner. Happy to discuss this topic with you.” “Happy to do that. Looking forward to getting to know you.” I read these short replies in my inbox with surprise then delight. Both the CEO and the co-founder of our 260-person, rapidly growing consulting firm each just granted me an hour of their […]

Working With the Azure Service Bus Dead Letter Queue

May 2, 2017 Preston Fox

Queues are a very common piece of infrastructure and vital in technology to enable scalability and high throughput activity without blocking other activities. It’s as simple as it sounds, first in first out or, FIFO for short. As the queue grows the last item added to the queue typically must wait longer to be processed. […]