Injecting Machine Learning Into Your College Football Saturday

December 11, 2018 Maina Musa

Data has had a big impact on sports in recent years. But coming up with helpful information involves a lot of analysis and data science. Since college football is my favorite sport, I channeled my obsession into a football machine learning project to determine whether or not teams should take the risk and go for […]

A New Era of Customer Analytics

January 16, 2018 Greg Gough

Brand marketers must deal with an ever-increasing amount of data. The expanding data cache includes mobile, search, social engagement, brand awareness, campaign effectiveness, browse behavior, and website conversion. This data is often sliced and diced across campaigns, channels, product categories, and geographies. Ask any marketer about the ROI for their latest campaign and you’ll likely […]

Credera’s Company Values Make for an Easy Sales Pitch

December 14, 2016 Caroline Blades

During my time at Credera, I have honed my skills as a saleswoman. “Sales? Credera doesn’t have a sales team. How could you be involved with sales?” Well friends, I have perfected my “pitch” without an ounce of training, without ever spinning a web of over-extended promises, and here’s how: it is easy to sell […]

Digital Security is Everyone’s Responsibility

September 22, 2016 John Jacobs

Digital security received a lot of media coverage recently. From the Target incident in 2013 to the San Bernardino iPhone controversy earlier this year, people are concerned about protecting their sensitive data and they want to know who has access to it. Some have called this “The Summer of the Hacker.” If you develop software […]

How Power BI Saved My Fantasy Football Draft

September 14, 2016 Bobby Pennington

It’s that time of the year again. The weather is starting to change, collegiate polos are showing up in the office, and Tony Romo is out with an injury. Football season is clearly back in America, and along with it comes fantasy football. According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, 57.4 million people played fantasy […]

Why Millennial Engagement Matters

August 8, 2016 Alex Moore

Credera is thrilled to be included in Fortune’s 2016 Best Workplaces for Millennials. We are so thankful that millennials believe Credera is an environment where they can thrive. At Credera 67% of our employees are millennials, and they have played a critical role in the success of our clients and our firm. In our experience, we […]

Building Digital Organizations: Every Organization’s Challenges Are Different

July 22, 2016 Hugh DeWitte

Digital is changing how the world works and lives, providing better experiences and outcomes for people across the globe. It is the great leveler. But keeping a level head when trying to figure out how to build a digital organization is anything but one-dimensional. Successful digital business performance has become increasingly important. Digital is an […]

Constraints Are Good

July 21, 2016 Jason Goth

I recently went on vacation with my family to visit friends in California. While we were there, we took a tour of the historic Hearst Castle. Built between 1919 and 1947 at a cost that would be over $500 million in today’s dollars, it’s absolutely remarkable: 165 rooms, an indoor and outdoor pool, art by […]

Insights From An Intern: Credera One Month In

July 14, 2016 James Darling

My name is James Darling and I’m a senior from Oklahoma State University, originally from Plano, Texas. I started with Credera as an intern on June 1 in the Microsoft Practice and have loved every day so far! My major at OSU is industrial engineering. Translation: I’ve learned how to draw some rad process flow […]

CMO Magazine Highlights Chili’s A+ Digital Guest Experience

June 23, 2016 Morgan Eseke

In a recent exclusive interview Chili’s SVP and CMO, Krista Gibson, discusses how Chili’s is utilizing technology to create a best-in-class guest experience. Tech savvy and food-conscious millennials increasingly represent a significant population of casual dining consumers. Chili’s is laser focused on providing these guests an excellent, personalized and relevant digital experience. Credera is […]