Helping CMOs Cut Through the MarTech Clutter

October 10, 2018 Morgan Eseke

 Marketing today is more complex and exciting than ever before. CMOs face a rapidly changing digital landscape and countless marketing technology options. The most competent CMOs are asking excellent questions: Is our digital roadmap up to date and defensible? How do I know? What technologies should I understand, but don’t have the time to […]

Why EQ and IQ Alone May Not Be Enough

January 24, 2018 Derek Knudsen

Since coming to Credera I’ve had the opportunity to reach back into my network and re-connect with former clients and colleagues across North America. The most enjoyable part of this process for me has been learning about people’s professional journeys. It’s a topic I’ve grown very interested in as of late, given my own journey […]

Life at Credera: Building Character While Building the Company

January 18, 2017 Andrew Warden

While interviewing potential new hires, we’re often asked the question, “What is your favorite thing about working at Credera?” Although there are many answers we could provide, our first response is a no brainer: the people. But we’re not talking about how much fun our co-workers are or how much we enjoy getting a beer […]

Life at Credera: Growth is Not a Strategy, it’s an Outcome

November 8, 2016 Rob Borrego

Credera never set out to be the biggest consulting firm. We simply wanted to be the best in the spaces we play (i.e., our focus areas). Our goal has always been to build a healthy, profitable and well managed consulting firm. Over time we have worked diligently on organizational health and excellence, and as a […]

The Value of Friendship at Work

October 19, 2016 Lauren King

Muhammed Ali once said, “If you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.” We have learned “life at Credera” would not exist without the life that flows out of authentic friendships in the workplace. So what do friendships at Credera look like? Grace Hong’s story is a fun example. Grace joined […]

Life at Credera: Should We Have Friendships and Fun at Work?

October 12, 2016 Lauren King

Is it wise to separate and compartmentalize our personal and professional lives? That is exactly what many of us have been taught. Our nights and weekends are for family and friends, while our days are for clients and colleagues. We leave our interests and deep connections at home and pick up our pens and notepads […]

Life at Credera: An Ongoing Pursuit

October 5, 2016 Justin Bell

At Credera, our fiscal year runs from October 1 through September 30. The month of September is a flurry of activity including end-of-year reviews, the Management Team retreat, open benefits enrollment, and budget approvals… all of this on top of existing client and team responsibilities. If we are honest, these last few weeks can be […]

The Art of Long-Distance Listening

September 14, 2016 Vincent Garcia

The Integration and Data Services practice here at Credera has a monthly “Lunch and Learn” series where we have the opportunity to dive deep into presentations and discussions on specific hard and soft skills related to our jobs as consultants. Earlier this summer, we were given the opportunity to hear from Dr. Sarah Blalock, who […]

Marketing Personalization: Making My Wardrobe Upgrade Easier Than Ever

September 12, 2016 Josh Smith

With back to school and the fall season coming, many people are updating their wardrobes. As for me, I hate shopping. Especially for clothes. I can think of a thousand things I would rather do at any given moment. For that reason, I generally tend to buy clothes online and avoid crowded malls and tiresome […]

Credera’s Cody Case Delivers: On and Off the Track

September 8, 2016 Andrew Warden

I caught up with Cody Case recently to talk through his passions inside and outside of work and to get his thoughts on how he has grown in his five years with Credera. Who are some of the clients you’ve worked with? Some clients I’ve worked with at Credera are National Geographic, C Spire,, […]