A message to recruiters.

Credera has agreed terms and conditions in place with certain recruitment agencies and are only bound by the terms agreed in writing by Credera; such agencies will receive communication directly from Credera. 

Credera is unable to consider CVs or proposals from other third parties/agencies submitted to Credera by way of enquiry or otherwise. 

However, any CVs or proposals sent into the business may be reviewed by Credera but will be treated as gifts. Any third party which speculatively submits any CVs to Credera fully accepts and understands that such submission does not result in the formation of a contractual relationship between Credera and the third party. Where any such candidates are later engaged in services for Credera, Credera shall not owe the third party any fees, this shall not be treated as an agency referral.

By submitting unsolicited CVs, the third party acknowledges that Credera are free to use such information for its own purposes without owing any obligations to the third party. 

Furthermore, should the same candidate information be submitted by a Credera supplier or Credera’s own internal resourcing, no right of representation can be established. Any submissions made to Credera shall be evidence of the third parties’ acknowledgment of this message.